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  1. Twinmom

    Burley Nomad trailer hook up with Alliant 8S+

    Need some help here. Tried calling the local Trek store and he wasn't able to help much (although he made an effort). I want to attach a Burley Nomad trailer to my Alliant 8S+. Bring to determine how to hook up the steel hitch to the rear axel and if I need to purchase any additional parts...
  2. Twinmom

    2020 Allant 8S - replace Smartphonehub with Nyon 21?

    I am interested in swapping my smart phone hub for a Nyon. I also have an Allant 8S. What parts did you need? Also were you able to do it yourself easily or did you have the bike dealer/shop do the install? Thank you!
  3. Twinmom

    New Trek Allant+ 8S owner - have some questions

    After doing some research, I took the plunge and purchased my 1st e-bike - the Allant+ 8S (small stagger). Hopefully I made a good choice. It was difficult to try different models with the lack of available inventory. I had been keeping an eye on the inventory online and this bike became...