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  1. I-Level-Too

    Does corporate even care about their businesses anymore?

    I've had several instances of GE LED light bulbs that started to flicker terribly after about 1 year of use. I contacted GE and they responded promptly and sent me vouchers to purchase new bulbs. The new bulbs that I bought have been doing well.
  2. I-Level-Too

    Hey Y'all, I'm from South Carolina

    Thanks Jeremy. The picture in my post of the Gary Fisher is at Saluda Shoals Park. Lake Murray was formed from the Saluda river. The Aventon with the water in the background was taken at the Columbia Canal, which was built to help vessels traverse the rocky shallows of the Congaree river...
  3. I-Level-Too

    Hey Y'all, I'm from South Carolina

    Hello Everyone, I am from Columbia, South Carolina. I've had my Aventon Level.2 for about a 10 days now. Since I did a lot of research, I am writing this introductory post to possibly help others during their research. I was nervous about spending so much with Aventon online in April of...