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  1. MrsE

    Suspension seatpost for Allant 7

    Hello, I just changed out my seat post to the Kinekt and can say it has made quite a difference in comfort! And yes, it's expensive, but worth it.
  2. MrsE

    Allant+7 thoughts/review

    Has anyone upgraded yet to the EMTB from the Sport setting and do you like it? I have a 2021 Allant+7 Lowstep (and love it!)
  3. MrsE

    Trek Pedal Recall

    Well, my right pedal flew off after turning a corner coming back home. Thank heavens I was going slow and wasn't on the steep hill when it happened. I stayed upright at least, lol! However, neither my lbs nor the Trek bike store in the Seattle metro area notified me of it. A friend of mine...
  4. MrsE

    Hitch Rack for 2 Allant+ 7s

    I use the Yakima OnRamp and love the ramp. Longer than the ramp on the ?Thule?.
  5. MrsE

    Adjustable stem on allant+7s

    I read @Dallant's comments and had my lbs put one on mine. Def more comfortable position.
  6. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 tube protection.

    Hey, maybe this is what you were wanting. I bought both on Amazon. (not sure how to get link to work so I'll just type it in: *Battery Cover Tube - Universal Down Tube Battery for into the frame built -in rechargeable batteries. * Bosch Battery Contact pin cover BDU2xx BDU3xx I don't take my...
  7. MrsE

    1500 Mile Update

    Hi there! I ride a sz small Allant+7 lowstep. The rack I got was a Yakima onramp from e-trailers. I wanted a rack with a ramp and that folded close up to my vehicle because my garage is short. Those are pluses. The caveats with this rack is that it seems to have been set up for narrower tires...
  8. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    Thanks! Ordered one on the ever omnipresent Amazon that I hope will work!
  9. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    Sorry, thought I directed this question to Dallant! We have a platform rack on the RV that the wheels fit into. We won't be using a hanging rack for them, yikes! It's just that the clamp that ratchets down on our rack doesn't fit well into the lowstep.
  10. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    Do you use adjustable top bar on the low step? Which brand of adjustable top bar did you end up with for the low step? I ended up with the Yakima onramp rack for my SUV which doesn't need one but will need a topbar for our RV rack...
  11. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    For some reason it did not take the rest of my comment. Meant to say that I modified it with a higher stem , better seat and suspension seat post after reading your comments. Even better now!
  12. MrsE

    Trek Allant+7 Lowstep thoughts/review...

    I just got my new lowstep! Love it but wonder what rack you and the mrs. use to carry it on your vehicle?
  13. MrsE

    Rack for Trek Allant+7 Lowstep

    Hi, just got my new bike and wondering what rack some of you might be using for this bike. Any suggestions?
  14. MrsE

    Turbo Vado 3.0 Step Through

    I'll be removing my fenders (and have to figure out a way to preserve the wiring for the lights) when I get my Vado 4 in December so I can switch out the tires that come on it for700 x 50 knobby tires when we go ride in the desert. Is that doable for you (her?)