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  1. Oldcrow

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    The Beast of the East in its native habitat in Daisy Hill Conservation Area, Logan, Queensland, Oz
  2. Oldcrow

    2016 Focus Thron Gear Ratios

    The Thron Speed looks like the better gearing as it is gives a good high gear with an adequate low gear. The LTD would be far too low for me.
  3. Oldcrow

    Known Issues & Problems with Focus Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I have a Bold2. The seat post bolt is alloy. I broke it the first time I adjusted it. I replaced it with a steel one.
  4. Oldcrow

    German Engineering at its Best

    Where’s the cup holder?
  5. Oldcrow

    Focus BOLD²

    I love my Focus Bold2. It makes a great road bike with Schwalbe Super Moto tyres. My main gripe is the low gearing with the standard 34 tooth chainring which meant that I tended to use mainly high gears and almost never used gears 1 to 5 even when I ride cross country. I have installed a Deckas...