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  1. TheEqualiser

    Giant powering off repeteadly

    I just wedge a small piece of padded handlebar tape between the top of the battery and the locking mechanism when I push it into the frame. It stops the battery moving in place and temporarily losing connection which is what seems to cause a lot of the issues. I also cleaned the connections...
  2. TheEqualiser

    X35+ firmware check in Glasgow area? Mahle GCU cable?

    I just bought an ex-display Merida eSilex with the X35+ system, which needed an upgrade, and I was a bit taken aback that I could not just do it myself via an app, like I can with my Giant. I was told that Mahle are intending to switch to that method soon. So maybe don't dash out and buy a GCU...
  3. TheEqualiser

    Noise on Explore 2023

    Try squeezing your brake lever lightly and see if the noise disappears, or changes. If it does then it's probably a slightly out of shape rotor, or some debris in your pads/caliper.
  4. TheEqualiser

    Giant Fastroad Ex Pro rear wheel replacement

    There is definitely an issue with spokes. My Fastroad E+ 2 Pro had GX28 wheels and I must have broken at least half a dozen in the back wheel (none in the front). I was lucky enough to score some Giant PX-2 wheels (from a Giant Revolt) on Marketplace and they seem more substantial, so far. I...
  5. TheEqualiser

    C7 display settings

    Basically the wider the tyre the larger the overall circumference of the wheel, so the setting is there to make sure that the speed is displayed correctly. Theoretically you can put in the smallest wheel size and tyre width to get a slight boost in overall top speed for the bike but you would...
  6. TheEqualiser

    C7 display settings

    They are for the width of your tyre in rather curious 1/100ths of an inch so 175 = 1.75 inch (road tyre), 400 = 4 inch (fat tyre) and so on.
  7. TheEqualiser

    Giant RideControl Charge VS RideControl One

    I have a RideContol Ergo (Ride Control One) as standard om my FastRoad. The benefit for me is that I can take it off the bar and put it into my bar bag to keep it dry. The disadvantage is that when the unfortunate Giant battery connection problem arises I don't see the warning light on the...
  8. TheEqualiser

    new member from Brisbane Australia

    There are a few on eBay (e.g. but none in Australia. Guess you'd just have to bite the bullet and wait, unless you can find another ebike stockist in Brisbane that use equivalent cranks and have spares in stock...
  9. TheEqualiser

    AnyTour 2021 powering off randomly

    Hi Shermo, welcome to the forum. You will find several people discussing similar problems, especially in the "Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes" thread. People talk about shims to raise the battery contacts, dielectric grease and even Giant replacements. I...
  10. TheEqualiser

    Giant intermittent power loss

    Are you sure you're not hitting the max speed cut off? Or just riding it on Auto which can sometimes feel a little jerky until you get used to it? You should still get fault codes on the RideControl One:
  11. TheEqualiser

    Giant GLI270CA charger output?

    I am in Australia so I have a slightly different model (CLI270A), but firstly the LED on your charger should light up (flashing green and red when you turn it on and then steady red until you connect it to a bike or battery). I also checked the voltage on the D conector and I am getting 41.2v...
  12. TheEqualiser

    new member from Brisbane Australia

    Hi Mike, I have only had the cut out a few times and it has always remedied itself if I turn the motor off and back on again. I take out the battery when I finish my ride and clean the contacts, if it does ever happen, and the problem goes away for a while, There are one or two threads on here...
  13. TheEqualiser

    Giant Explore E+1 2020 Review (Australia), long term review

    Great review. I am a big fan of the RC1 remote - much less to go wrong, no "confusion" from BadAss Box data and easier to weatherproof when the time comes. I actually removed mine from the bars and just keep it in the phone bag on my top tube out of the rain etc. After all, all I do is turn...
  14. TheEqualiser

    Giant charger availability

    I believe that is the store trying to make sure that the reason for purchase was not that the bike was stolen (without the charger). All the same I do not really see how the tech in the proprietary Giant charger really warrants the purchase price. I decided to manage without the spare one at...
  15. TheEqualiser

    Fastroad E+ EX PRO

    Wow! I'd like to see that in writing somewhere. That's going to cost them a fortune. I have a 2020 Fastroad E+ 2 Pro that I would happily pay a reasonable amount to get upgraded to an EnergyPak 500 battery (but don't tell Giant that!) I will watch this space.
  16. TheEqualiser

    Lateral play on NCM Prague rear wheel.

    Not sure - it's a while since I got rid of my Moscow and I'm not even sure that the Moscow and Prague are the same. Either way, if you are getting play then it is coming from the bearings so either the cones want tightening or the cartridge bearings need adjusting or replacing.
  17. TheEqualiser

    Lateral play on NCM Prague rear wheel.

    The rim should have a little amount of movement in it but it looks like yours may have too much. Have a look at this video as it sounds like your cones may need tightening a little.
  18. TheEqualiser

    Giant Roam E+ Reviews

    I certainly don't use the Giant app. I have a Hauwei phone so I usually just sync with my Huawei watch and use the Huawei Health app. The watch will display most things I want - time elapsed, distance travelled, average speed, heart rate, current time etc. so I rarely use the phone as well. I...
  19. TheEqualiser

    Giant Roam E+ Reviews

    My Fastroad E+ 2 Pro also has the RideControl ONE controller. I like it for a few reasons - when pairing with a mobile device you can choose which app to use to monitor your trip rather than rely on what is on the display of the bike, it is smaller and leaves the bars less cluttered, it does...
  20. TheEqualiser

    ToughRoad GX E+

    Quite possibly a RE9GA (or 1159-RE9GA0-001)? (see