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  1. Dude222

    Emazing Artemis power mods

    Let's have a discussion about power modding this bike. At the time of this writing you're not going to find a production ebike of this weight (~40lbs) for a better price. Apparently later versions of this bike have a different controller, but the size specs should be the same if you want to...
  2. Dude222

    Drop-bars on Emazing Artemis

    I live in the SF bay area and there are lots of places with hills like that. I live up on a hill, about 2 miles over 1000 feet of elevation from the last bus stop. I'm a lifetime cyclist so I like the bike-feel. I've seen the heavy ebikes for fat people who don't like to pedal, and that's...
  3. Dude222

    Drop-bars on Emazing Artemis

    I installed Origin8 Gary-2 handlebars on my Emazing Artemis, with Shimano ST-A070 Brake/Shifters. The installation was straightforward with the original cable housing, except that the front brake housing might be a bit short, which results in a little bit of brake cable tension when the...