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  1. Green Destiny 2.0

    Studded tires for Supercharger

    Early snow and cold here on the Ouisconsin Riviera. Rode gingerly on freshly fallen cold stuff on a somewhat plowed bicycle path. Reassuring clackety clack on the cleared pavement. Silent running on the packed snow. I feel like I'm cross country skiing on a bike. Slowing down over the patches of...
  2. Green Destiny 2.0

    Studded tires for Supercharger

    Nokians installed. (Actually, they are Suomi brand, Same thing). Reassuring clackety-clack on paved roads. But, the real (black ice) test is yet to come. I like the more aggressive look. Not quite like Rockrazors, but nevertheless have some bite.
  3. Green Destiny 2.0

    Studded tires for Supercharger

    Looks quite good. My use case is paved, plowed roads with patches of black ice. Hence the Nokians. They arrived. Have yet to install. But, will need to soon. Will report. (But, probably no video.)
  4. Green Destiny 2.0

    Belt Drives vs. Chain for Electric Bikes, Pros & Cons

    I just learned one drawback about my otherwise flawless Gates belt drive. During an early, sticky snowfall, the white stuff stuck to everything, packed between the belt and cog and untracked it.
  5. Green Destiny 2.0

    Front rack - How do you use it?

    I carry my lunch in an insulated zipper bag in my Roadster front basket.
  6. Green Destiny 2.0

    Studded tires for Supercharger

    I just ordered Nokian A10 54-584mm studded tires from Peter Whyte Cycles They are on their way.
  7. Green Destiny 2.0

    "It’s time to get an electric bike. It will change your life. Seriously. I’m not kidding." ...says this article.

    On my morning commute in the fall, it’s squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels. A good bell ring gets their attention, usually. I’ve had a few close calls, including one running between the wheels.
  8. Green Destiny 2.0

    I'm officially one of you now...

    You’re welcome. Lee and Zen were great to work with.
  9. Green Destiny 2.0

    I'm officially one of you now...

    And, here's my Roadster GT Urban. Purchased from Propel Brooklyn in June. It’s a joy.
  10. Green Destiny 2.0

    EBike Shaming

    These are the same kind of people that booed Bob Dylan when he appeared onstage at Newport with an electric guitar.
  11. Green Destiny 2.0

    Study: eBikers Get More Exercise than Traditional Cyclists & Use Cars Less

    On this topic, I did my own little experiment about my own regular bike versus e-bike commute. I purchased an e-bike two months ago: a 20 mph maximum pedal assist, no throttle. Health stats, time, and speed were obtained pre- and post-purchase using my Apple Watch Workout app. My daily 12-mile...