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    R17 Review

    Live in eastern NC but right now in SoCal riding the Chino Hills area.
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    R17 Review

    Got the R17 a month or so ago, it is great with a few exceptions. Mine came with an air shock which surprised me since every Elite Optibike I’ve seen has a coil shock which is what I wanted. The explanation from Optibike was that the ‘new linkage’ doesn’t leave enough room for a coil shock...
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    Optibike R22 Everest

    Started a new thread…
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    Optibike R22 Everest

    Hey Kurt, I’ve got an R17 on the way, should be here next week. I fully expected (and wanted) a coil shock based on the fact that every Elite Optibike I’ve seen has one. Plus I like the ride of a coil shock. To my surprise mine has an air shock and I was told by Optibike it’s because there is a...
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    Repair Fazua 250 battery?

    Did Crow replace the faulty battery?
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    Evation replaced by Ride 50 Street/Trail?

    Has anyone replaced an Evation with the newer Street/Trail which is reportedly slightly better in terms of battery efficiency and I suppose performance in that the Street/Trail has more engagement teeth? Looks to be a fairly simple drop-in replacement but not sure if it’s worth it.
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    Fazua battery carrier

    Getting a Pivot eVault with an extra battery…I know there’s a bag for the battery with straps that can be attached to the bike wherever it will fit, but there’s a bottle mount on the underside of the top tube on the eVault. Anyone out there tried carrying a spare battery there? Looks like the...
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    New Tesla ebike battery option

    If your other ebikes are not MTBs, I'd definitely argue that an e-MTB would move the needle in a big way. Just sayin'.
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    Why Electric Bikes Shouldn't Be Allowed on Mountain Biking Trails?

    They also allow fit riders to do even more. I live in the mountains where almost all of my offroad riding is either climbing or descending. I also ride lot of tech-y rocks which are everywhere up here, and the e-rig lets me get to the best riding areas which are about 1500 feet below me, I can...
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    Why Electric Bikes Shouldn't Be Allowed on Mountain Biking Trails?

    Not supporting the guy riding too fast in the campground, but how fast was "full speed"? Since the speed limit was only 5mph and he was going faster than that, the fact he was on an ebike was probably irrelevant since any cyclist on a regular human powered rig could easily blow through that...
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    Anyone own a SIMBB 29R and willing to share their impressions/experience?

    No experience with the Specy, but I've got a SIMBB motor on an aftermarket frame. It's got a throttle which can be feathered to give you exactly the amount of assist you need. Depending on your speed, power level, and gearing there can be a bit of hesitation before the motor kicks in which...
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    Part Optibike, part Black Sheep, all fat

    Thanks Austen, it's a very fun rig. When I brought it over to Jim's it was just put together so was pretty raw, since then I've dialed it in and it's ace. BTW tell Jim I'm still waiting for the speedo sensor and wire!
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    Part Optibike, part Black Sheep, all fat

    Fatties are for everything but the tires I have on there now are Maxxis FBF/R and designed for dry offroad conditions. They weigh more than 3.5 pounds each but the rims are insane light at 458g each. Fats let you ride most anything but you def pay a weight penalty, almost takes an ebike to spin...
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    Good idea to switch to aluminum frame over steel frame?

    I'd never go Al over steel. Steel is more comfortable to ride, stronger and more flexible than Al, and easier to repair. Get a good powder coat and treat the insides of the tubes with Weigle Framesaver and there go any arguments about corrosion. Go's real, as they say.
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    Part Optibike, part Black Sheep, all fat

    First ebike for me after 45 years of daily riding and racing, may never go back to a non-ebike. Too much fun. Picked up the motor from Jim in Longmont, drove up to Ft. Collins where James Bleakley, owner of Black Sheep Bikes, fabbed the frame. I put everything else together, built a set of...