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    Anyone using MIK bags with a Load?

    R&M bike specs are not clear on their site but it looks like the R&M Charger3 rack is MIK compatible. It has the MIK mounts built into the rack. See pics. My Giant Explore rack is like that too so no additional adapter needed. I don’t think the adapters are too expensive though. Just a pain to...
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    Anyone using MIK bags with a Load?

    Hi. At the moment all you have is a basic rack. You still need the MIK adapter for your rack to attach MIK compatible bags to.
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    Destination Infrastructure

    This is one of the main reasons I do not cycle to any of the local stores or malls in our area. Either there is no bicycle parking, or if there is, it is hidden from the main entrance, or in a spot where thieves can happily take their time to cut locks and take your bike or parts of it. For...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I also have two Explore E+1 Pro bikes and have had no issues so far charging the batteries off the bikes. I I find it easier to remove the batteries so have not tried charging on the bikes. The fact that both your bikes have a charging problem makes me think the charger is bad and not...
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    Giant charger availability

    Google found one on this site and in stock.
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    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Agree totally. However, putting in that it was an e-bike is irrelevant to what happened. Any bike going downhill is capable of going fast.
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    GIANT RideControl App 2.0

    I have the iOS version and have also found it a lot more stable and consistent. Distance is accurate and each ride has been logged and saved, and then automatically loaded to Strava. There are still a few minor issues but it seems to be improving with each update. I find that when the bike...
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    Greeting all from Toronto

    Welcome to the world of ebiking. I think you chose well and will really enjoy your Amiti. I’m sure your local Giant bike store would be more than happy to have your business. Safe travels. 🚴
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    Export Ridecontrol data?

    I’m using the free version of Strava. It imports to strava which in turn exports to the iPhone health app.
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    GIANT RideControl App 2.0

    Looks like you’re still on the old version. Software version for our bikes after update is 20210225000.
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    Export Ridecontrol data?

    @Goldbug I have the same bike and the ridecontrol data exports automatically to Strava with the iOS app.
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    GIANT RideControl App 2.0

    Updated our two 2021 Explore e+ 1 Pro’s today without any issues using iPhone over wifi. It did three updates to different modules on each bike as follows: 1 - Updated Smart Gateway. Very quick update. Less than 3 minutes. 2 - Updated Ridecontrol Ergo. A bit longer. About 10 minutes. 3 -...
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    Giant EXPLORE E+ 1 2020

    @pjf93 . I don’t have a VOLspeed yet, but from post #4 and #7 and as per the picture below the setting circled in red is what the speed limit of the bike is from factory. In our case for Canada it must be set at 32km/h. This seems to be where many of the problems originate.
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    City commuter ebike in Canada

    How about these from Giant? Sweet Pete’s shows possible stock of both the 2020 Fastroad and 2021 Explore. Flash cash and I’m sure you could negotiate a few hundred off the msrp. My LBS knocked $300 off an Explore Pro.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    That should work. I like that it is “plastic safe” although I would still be wary of getting it on the exterior paint finish. Just in case. 😊
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    Moped "eBike" trouble may be starting

    The Canadian Criminal Code definition of motor vehicle for Impaired Driving is; “In this Act, ”motor vehicle” means a vehicle that is drawn, propelled or driven by any means other than muscular power, but does not include railway equipment;” . The catch-all is in the “...driven by any means...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Giant Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I wonder if you just have some oxidation going on in some of the electrical connectors and contacts causing bad contact. If you could get to the wiring pull the connectors apart and try a good electrical contact cleaner on all of them. I’ve seen it where something with low current draw (such as...
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    eBike friendly homeowners insurance?

    Only just bought our bikes so no experience with claims, but here in Canada I have Co-Operators home insurance and was pleasantly surprised to find ebike insurance already specified and included in my policy as part of the standard home owners premium.
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    Giant EXPLORE E+ 1 2020

    My 2021 Explore E+ 1 Pro has self extracting cranks on splined shaft with spider lock ring.
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    Winter Cycle gloves/Overshoes

    My usual glove size is also a large but measuring according to the sizing chart it puts me on the upper end of XXL which doesn’t make sense. Makes me a bit hesitant to order without being able to try them on.