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    Rockstar battery charging question?

    If you look on the bottom of your middrive motor it is marked 48v.
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    Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?

    Sondors will not approve anything like this I am sure. But I am not concerned about my warranty and I'm aware of the risks, I have multiple PEVs. I suspect if you take the type of batteries being used, and the size of the batteries in total, the math will show it is capable of safely charging...
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    Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?

    Yes of course I have the stock 3amp charger. The Luna charger you've linked is not specific to the Rockstar - have you tried it? My question to the group is if anyone has been able to charge using other chargers and slightly higher amperage.
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    Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?

    Yes Aliexpress has tons. But the issue is that the bike has a BMS which rejects other chargers (from what I've seen). Anyone know about this?
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    Sondors Rockstar to Canada, Import Fees?

    Shipping covered everything - I didn't get charged more when it crossed the border. I suspect it's because it's classified as American made and we have trade agreements in that case (but I'm not an expert on this subject)
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    Rockstar - Does anyone fast charge?

    I tried getting a 5amp charger for my Rockstar and it did not work - it seems like the BMS is rejecting it based on amperage or brand. Does anyone know more about this subject? Are we doomed to 3amp charging for life?
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    Rockstar sizing question

    I'm 5'6 and it is ridable, barely. However, if you want to add a fender or a rear rack or any other accessory that attaches to your seat you will not be able - it will make the seat too high.
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    Is my Rockstar water resistant?

    I got a Rockstar last week, enjoying it so far. I see the motor is IP65, but what about the rest of the electronics/battery - can I ride in the rain?
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    Rockstar sizing question

    I'm 5'6 and I ride it. I do wish there were other sizes though.