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    Eahora x7 not turning on

    Don't worry--I sold the bike and now it's someone else's problem.
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    X7 Power issue

    You found that your problem was fixed when you replaced the throttle? We have the same problem with our bike--worked 2 months and then nothing. And then Eahora tried to give up, but California law doesn't let them! Anyway, I'd really like to know if it's the throttle. Thanks.
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    Eahora x7 not turning on

    Thank you! I posted what I consider to be a fair and concise list of our issues with Eahora, and I hope that the information will help others. BBB is next!
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    Eahora X7 Plus not working after 2 months, still not working after warranty "expires"

    My son gleefully purchased an Eahora X7 Plus and put almost 950 miles on the odometer. But then it stopped working, and hasn't been operational for almost a year. After one year Eahora said "sorry, you're out of warranty.", not knowing that California has laws that prevent companies from...
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    Eahora x7 not turning on

    Update. I purchased a RadPower RadRunner Plus for my youngest son for Christmas. The battery stopped charging. When I contacted RadRunner, they responded in less than 15 minutes with a combination of online support and a real person who I could interact with. The solution solved the problem...
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    Eahora X7 Plus Fail

    As mentioned elsewhere, while we've been trying to fix our Eahora X7 plus for ten months, at the 1 year mark we received an email saying that our (non-working) X7 plus was out of warranty. Tough luck. Eahora has since blocked my email address. Here's the red flags--there's no U.S. address...
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    Eahora x7 not turning on

    We've had month worth of diagnosing problems with our Eahora X7 plus, and at the 1 year warranty date Eahora told us "sorry, your warranty has expired." even though the bike was still broken. We had to show Eahora California law that says warranties don't end at 1 year if the product is broken...