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    Crossed Current X 19x1.75 to 2.00" large?

    Thanks. I am afraid that spokes, rims will give at high speed if you hit pot holes in the city. Concrete, asphalt are more challenging that trails.
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    Crossed Current X 19x1.75 to 2.00" large?

    Will 2.00" tires or larger clear the fenders in the Juiced Cross Current X 29"x1.75 2.3? I cant get them to answer my email for this simple question
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    Sondors Cruiser Reviews

    Next time buy a bike with a maintenance free hub motor!
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    Himiway speed limit change?

    It is more like the new 6, looks bigger
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    New Rad Rover 6

    I am not happy seing this battery either. There is no point buying a spare one for a total $2,400. Juiced has a 52V 20aH bike selling for $2,600 with air front suspension. They think we are stupid. Everybody has a min of 17aH 48V today. Thatbis the most important part in a bike. At least the...
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    52V battery upgrade for RadPowerPlus6

    Would the 52V integrated Juiced battery work in the RadPower6Plus?
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    52V battery upgrade for RadPowerPlus6

    I cant believe that they are sticking to their old 48V battery. Buy a second then you better off buy a Juice with a 52V for $2,600. Someone has to come up with something.
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    Battery for RadPowerPlus6

    What about making an integrated battery 52V for the new RadPowerPlus 6. I cant believe that are sticking to their old 48V battery
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    Rad Power Bikes in General

    I looked at Apple computers and watches over the years and never bought one. I was always put off by something. Same thing with Rad bikes. Their 2V charger, their barely adequate 48V14aH battery across their bikes put me off. Their low 60nv torque Bafang motors vs a Mxus 100nv hub motor they...
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    Mid drives vs Hub drives ???

    I Ricardo, I lived in Rio many years ago.. I dony know what tgeclegislation is in Brazil but most of those bikes witg German mid drives dont have a rgrottle and work only on pedal assist. I personaly would buy a piwerful full suspension bike from a specialty store in the us like LunaCycle. You...
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    Mid drives vs Hub drives ???

    I think it is first Europe vs US. Paying $4000 to have to pedal assist with a mid motor is a no no to me. Paying $3000 for a mid motor with a 1500W Bafang running at 45m/h with a throttle is exilarating and a big yes. Europe has to change its regulations. 2/ bikes will all have 20" wheels with a...
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    Mid drives vs Hub drives ???

    Like with electric cars I think we are just getting started with electric bikes. Electric bikes still have to find their groove. They dont have to look like a bike with large wheels, especially with hub motors. At some point electric "bikes" will look like small Vespas. I am excited by some...
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    GreenBike GB750 Fat Tire Low Step Folder

    Same here and I have come to the same conclusion. A small 20" foldable bike with good power good range like the GB 750 or the Next. I like the visible orange color. I has L & R turn. The pedal are small and flat. The seat I will have to check as normally I dont like when your ass touch it. It...