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  1. J

    Fire Street on the Level

    Great ride lovetheroad. Reminds me of a road I used to ride a motorcycle on in my area
  2. J

    Getting bike and me ready to ride after long layoff and injury... replace tires??

    I have a 2021 Aventure with , less than 400 Miles. I haven't ridden much in 3 yrs to to a leg injury on the bike and 8 month surgeries, recovery. Extended illness and death of family member,cleaning out house,sell property,etc. Life happens. I am 72 yrs old, have been hesitant to ride mentally...
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    Ride aventure thread problems

    Turns out my heart is ok. But I have a minor blood clot in my leg. So hopefully no issues riding.
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    Ride aventure thread problems

    This is a little premature. I am having what appears to be heart problems,being.diagnosed . I have the orig. Aventure, was considering a bike with a torque sensor. Just curious how many seniors with heart problems riding. How it affects you etc. I haven't ridden much recently due to other...
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    Display problem, or hopefully just a glitch on Aventure

    I've had a lot going on, trying to get back to riding again. I had a similar problem today, when I hit a bump going apprx 10mph on gravel , lost power. Powerrd back up, no problem. This makes 3 times I've had a similar problem, battery jostling on bump? Take it easy on bumps till I can figure it...
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    Display problem, or hopefully just a glitch on Aventure

    But possible. Before riding i plugged battery up, got a green light . Powered up 98% before I left. The last time I had ridden it took a very minor spill. Broke a leg, freak accident. I seriously doubt anything damaged. But possible. Everything was fine till power issue. Thinking back. Think...
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    Display problem, or hopefully just a glitch on Aventure

    I have an Aventure that has only 300 miles, not ridden much in a while due to a injury,surgery, laid up, death in the family. I went for a 6 to 7 mile ride on asphalt, with a 98% charge. No problems till about a mile from home lost the display, and or power? No power to display, I couldn't see...
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    Prodigy st or aventon pace 500.3

    Rumor is I'm not a spring chicken .I've also had 3 THR replacements in the past. Some issues with a knee occasionally from a old injury. In addition to trying to get in better shape, I'm trying to build up legs n hip muscles more.,especially after being laid up from a broken leg recently. I...
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    Tire Pressure for Aventure

    I run 30 psi or slightly less on Aventure ,but riding mostly on pavement.
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    Prodigy st or aventon pace 500.3

    I am 71 hrs old. 6 ft1, 245 lb. Looking for opinions or other suggestions. I have a Aventon Aventure that I plan to keep for road, maybe offroad riding. I am interested in a reasonable priced bike ,class 3 bike with a Torque Sensor for a better work out than a cadence sensor. I know these 2...
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    Aventon aventure recommendatiins on more comfortable seat or suspension seat post

    I have a 21 aventon aventure. I have been out of the saddle for some time due to a injury long recovery death in family. Getting ready to ride again. Can anyone make a recommendation on a more comfortable seat or will a suspension seat post take care of the problem. I'm 71 yrs old , 6 ft 1, 245...
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    Riding partner,locatiins north of atlanta ga

    The bike is a fat tire. AVENTURE. . The PAS settimgs are more like speed settings. Throttle has a slight delay for safety, power doesn't kick in immediately pedaling. But cadence is too much like on n off with the motor vs pedal effort on mid drive. I figure a mix of PAS 1, throttle, maybe no...
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    Riding partner,locatiins north of atlanta ga

    Maybe we can get together and ride. I live about 5 miles from the Big Creek Greenway. I'm a little concerned about riding the slick wooden parts. After a injury from a freak accident layed me up for so long. Frustratung after riding a big Harley for 20 years. I quit because I was afraid of...
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    Turbo v 5.0 IGH.. How fast to get uo to speed

    I have just started digging into reviews more. I believe every is a store about 50 miles away. I need to check it out and see if I ca ride a demo. Pricey bike and j don't have great places to ride.
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    Let's Ride Together (Ebike gangs 😉)

    Cumming Ga looking for fellow ebikers in the general area.
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    Turbo v 5.0 IGH.. How fast to get uo to speed

    I currently ride a Aventon Aventure. I am possibly interested in possibly getting a class 3 , mid drive bike. Most of my riding is on busy roads, no bike lanes, not bike friendly. In this area I ride faster on busier roads. Trying to get to less busy roads as fast as I can. On flat ground. 25...
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    Riding partner,locatiins north of atlanta ga

    I am a senior male, new to riding. I have an Aventon Aventure. Looking for someone to ride with in this general area as soon as the weather improves. I live approx. 35 mles north of Atlanta. Most of my riding has been on the road. Very Dangerous in my area, lots of traffic. This area is not...
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    New Bikepacking Tent

    I see this is old. But I'm a ebike n more so a dog lover. I like your camping buddy. My dogs a little bigger, 17 lbs.
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    Questiin about riding slow on aventure

    I have the original Aventure. I really like my bike. But not crazy about delay with throttle and when you start pedaling. I haven't had a lot of trouble with by bike. But after my injury ,not able to ride for a long time. The next bike i buy probably won't be a Aventon. I'm not very handy...