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    Battery Percentage Display

    Several people have mentioned that the display only has a five-bar "thermometer" of battery capacity and not a full numeric percentage. This supposedly makes it difficult to tell exactly how much battery you have left. However, the display does display the charge in tenths of a volt. On my...
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    How fast have you gotten your E-Lux to?

    My Malibu goes 22 to 23 on the flats without any help from me. Downhill I've seen up to 28. It feels stable and safe at that speed.
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    What model and color is your E-Lux?

    I have a Flat Black Malibu Sport since about the middle of August '19. I love this bike!
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    Hello from Madison, WI

    Hello Everybody, My friend, the eBike enthusiast/evangelist, organized a group eBike ride for a charity auction. The hour I spent on his iZip Moda convinced me that, yes, if I bought one of these expensive toys, I really would commute to work on it. A few weeks later, I bought an iZip Dash...