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    Carrying a kids bike

    not likely to get a tern, but a trailer seems likely. thanks.
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    First Time Buyer with Decision Paralysis

    my buying advice would be to go to a local bike shop and buy one there. Dandelion Bikes in the Central District is fantastic. REI is good too. Talk to folks there and buy what they're selling. Unless they sell ebikes, other bike shops may not be able/want to work on ebikes.
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    Alternative brands for accesories?

    I love my Benno, but the price of rate add-ons is driving me crazy. For instance, I'd love a front basket, but im seeing prices of over $200 for a front basket. ( $219 on propel ) Has anyone found alternatives that utilize the mounting...
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    Carrying a kids bike

    This past weekend I strapped my kids bike on to mine to transport us to a space they could safety bike. I think theres got to be a better solution though. how have y'all been doing it? any tips or suggrstions?
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    Outfitting my Benno Boost

    what did you get?
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    Adding a throttle

    a mid drive motor means that the pedals still need to be moving since the wheel is chain driven and the motor is connected to the crankset. throttles are common on hub motors since the motor is already in the wheel. I got very used to a throttle start up when a light turned green on my old bike...
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    Tools you always have on your bike?

    What tools/ repair stuffs do you always ride with?
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    Which ebike should I get for day-to-day use?

    Manhattan is great for biking.
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    Advice. Looking for an ebike to bring my 4.5 yo to school 1 mile away in NYC

    i'm transporting a 4.5 year old and sometime a friend on my Benno boost, which im loving. the tern hsd might be a good option too, especially with its vertical standing storage possibility.
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    Benno Boosters?

    How many Benno Boost riders on here? I'm almost 2 months on mine and loving it. Mostly using it for dropping my kid off at school, going work, and hauling food and drinks for picnics.
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    Are you using a bicycle registry?

    yes, bikeindex
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    How to improve bike and pedestrian safety

    totally get it. the issue is not individualistic but systemic.
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    How to improve bike and pedestrian safety

    yes. definitely. I can't imagine happily living anywhere without transit options.
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    A folding cargo bike ?

    can you get a folding bike and a trailer?
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    How to improve bike and pedestrian safety

    the US addiction to the car is so depressing. what a tragic story. as the article states, we need smaller and slower cars. roads designed with safety, not convenience or speed, in mind. and for the love of life, separated, protected bike lanes.
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    Outfitting my Benno Boost

    hey boost or similar owners, im setting up my boost to carry groceries and a kid who has outgrown the yepp seat, but not really secure just on the bench with the high rails and the lowish foot rests. im wondering if any of you have creative solutions for keep a kid secure on the bench and a...
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    Greetings from Seattle.

    Hey, been an ebiker for 3 years now, but found this forum when searching for my new bike. I started with a RadPower Rad City to get my kid to daycare and just feel in love with the ease, range and fun of ebiking. Just upgraded to a Benno Boost for our increased weight and desire for more...