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    Pedal suggestion?

    I enjoy my Twenty6 Predator pedals. They do not slip and are a work of art. Grip is important to me when I am standing in the saddle at 6' 2" and 250lbs! The manufacturer is a craftsman and provides great support.
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    why do folks want a higher watt motor?

    Weight, torque, some interesting posts by George S. on how contributions by rider pedaling combined with motor output affect the overall ride. For me, I could not see anything smaller than 500W pulling me up and down hills or giving me the proportional assist I want when I am...
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    First Ebike purchase E-Go vs Red Rover

    Hi Will... I purchased an EVO Toba HB-1 Disc with the Bionx D500 motor. I am 6' 2" and 250lbs. So far, I have 42 miles on the bike and it has performed nicely. I purchased mine from CrazyLenny and had it checked over by a local Bionx dealer. He noted that EVO did a nice job of including...
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    Apples v Oranges

    Thanks for all the useful advice. I had a great time researching the full range of e-bikes over the past 7 months and this site is just plain addicting when it comes to the hands-on reviews and videos. After considering the advice generously offered in response to my original post and much...
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    EVO Toba

    Hi Hugh... I like the specs on the bike you chose and am narrowing down my choices. Are you continuing to enjoy the bike and have you had a trip where you exhausted the battery and returned on leg power alone? I really like that Bionx has a good reputation over a long period of time and they...
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    Why aren't there any reviews on ZEV electric bicyles?

    I think a better question might be... why hasn't anyone anywhere published a review. The bike sounds promising but even the Zev website does a mediocre job of promoting and explaining the product. I can agree the bike sounds promising if it's not vaporware.
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    This is a cool bike

    Merry Christmas Jim... It's great to hear about your ODK upgrades and experiences. Count me in the group that is genuinely curious about your real world range test on that huge Juiced Riders battery. I'm postponing my e-bike purchase until Spring since there is not much opportunity to ride in...
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    Simple lightweight ebike

    Thanks for posting the review for this interesting Moulton conversion. It's encouraging to see innovators conceiving ways to make motors work smarter while employing batteries that are not the most expensive part of the bike! Now they just need to license their technology to an interested...
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    This is a cool bike

    Hi Jim.... I have certainly enjoyed reading about your ODK experience as the bike is at the top of my consideration list. Re your thoughts on security, I agree 100% that as e-bikes continue to catch on -- thieves will target the batteries. I can appreciate the thought that went into the pin...
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    Apples v Oranges

    Greetings....I have greatly enjoyed reading everyone's experiences on this forum and am moving toward the purchase of an e-bike. For my own personal reasons I have narrowed the field to two bikes and invite forum user's input because there are clearly many smart and experienced folks around here...