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    Mahle ebikemotion x35 and x35+

    You should be able to replace the motor without needing to visit a Mahle dealer to code the device. If you log into your Mahle account you will see the 3 components that are all coded together by the dealer. The motor isn't part of these, looks like it's the battery and controller that are the...
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    X35+ firmware check in Glasgow area? Mahle GCU cable?

    Hey everyone I'll join in the GCU search. I've found where to buy one but wondering is anyone has used it and if it's worth the bother? I have a 2020 Bianchi eRoad with the ebikemotion X35 system, firmware...
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    ebikemotion / Mahle X35 battery degrading. DIY cell replacement?

    Hey everyone, newly to the forums. I have a Bianchi eRoad with an ebikemotion X35 system. The battery is starting to degrade, it is a 248wh system but the app reports a maximum capacity of 200wh. Has anyone ever replaced the battery, looks like an expensive swap. Spec has 20 x Panasonic...