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  1. lilrich1959

    Stromer ST1 S and Stromer ST1 T 2016

    Don't know where you got your limited at but does not sound good. The ST1 limited comes stock with Supernova lights, if yours did not your dealer has them somewhere. As far as the ST1S and St1T. Quite a different beast with a Slumpf drive in front you gain quite a gearing advantage, making...
  2. lilrich1959

    Torque sensor adjustment

    I am very experienced working with the torque sensor on the ST1 and the similar set up on Emotion bikes and rarely recommend the customer attempt the adjustment themselves due to the process is finicky and reliant on a light touch that comes from extensive experience in performing this...
  3. lilrich1959

    EG Athens

    Athens stock will be gone within the next day or so and next shipment won't arrive till mid July earliest. Don't miss out on a great deal. The biking season is short enough in Wisconsin. We have many great bikes but there are many reasons the EG Athens continues to be our best selling model we...
  4. lilrich1959

    EG Athens

    Just to let you know if your interested in the Athens we are down to five only one black and can't get any more till mid July. We sell that many on a slow day so hurry in. That is our best selling model, nice quality on a value bike with full features such as rack, fenders and lights.
  5. lilrich1959

    EG Athens

    Alan. when your wrong your wrong. As explained my earlier post that is one feature that I particularly point out to potential buyers. You can leave the battery locked in, and power off and take the key. A thief would have to work at stealing your battery and no body can mess with the power while...
  6. lilrich1959

    EG Athens

    You can remove the key with the battery locked in just turn it to the off position. It is designed that way to address the exact issue you mention. The only time the key needs to be in the bike is in the on position.
  7. lilrich1959

    Longest paved bike path in the USA

    Being a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and retired club member I regularly find myself at motorcycle rallies and events. I find a great deal of interest in e-bikes by the cycling crowd and usually spend the day doing demonstrations, answering questions, and test rides. Ebikes seem to spark an...
  8. lilrich1959

    "A groundbreaking e-bike measure..." Could have implications for all U.S.

    Being a lifelong motorcyclist I have been a member since it's inception of a wonderful organization called ABATE which stands for A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments. Originally formed to lobby and fight against restrictive motorcycle helmet, and equipment laws and regulations. They...
  9. lilrich1959

    My 2015 EVO Street Has Arrived!

    Selle Royal Drifter is installed on all my bikes. Very compliant springs with close to 2" travel very good gel padding and short nose. Really a good looking saddle and reasonably priced at 45 retail at local shops. Another indicator is that it sells out quick. Our local get it quick bike shop...
  10. lilrich1959

    Neo and Evo battery comparison?

    Here's my skinny: Evo motor wheel is redesigned, not only is there tool-less splined nut retainers the motor wires exit next to the axle. This makes for a much more robust solid axle. Evo models are phasing in new displays with larger easier to read text and layout which will assist us older...
  11. lilrich1959

    The Sondors Bike is Unravelling a Bit

    Once upon a time there was a boy called Grumblededum who went to the village to shop. When he got to the village he saw all the people gathered in the square excited and shouting. What is all the excitement about Grumblededum asked, but no one he asked knew. So he pushed and squirmed into the...
  12. lilrich1959

    Recumbent or DF for Senior Vet

    Just did a 2010 Catrike Villager conversion this weekend. Sure like the seating position for my back issues. Quite a different animal from a bicycle though a bit of a learning curve in cornering especially with the increased speed. Will give more details and pix on this build as I get the time...
  13. lilrich1959

    Due to arrive in March

    The biggest market for folding bikes are mariners, rv enthusiasts, and people who have smaller vehicles who want to carry their bike in their car. Mariners find them attractive as their smaller size allows them to stow in their boat and even transport in a dingy allowing them transport on shore...
  14. lilrich1959

    Due to arrive in March

    Not for me either. Just saying something new and seems well designed by an established company at a reasonable price. It is what it is just as a Prius is not a pick up truck. For it's targeted audience looking for a greener alternative in a stylish package I think it deserves attention. I am a...
  15. lilrich1959

    Getting Ready For an eBike

    Power Me I don't know what part of the country you live in but if you get winter like we do in Wisconsin one thing to add to your list is to store your battery in a heated area during the winter. You can ride in the cold with reduced performance but should keep the battery inside when not used...
  16. lilrich1959

    Say Hello To Storm

    Couldn't sleep again tonight so thought I would get on the forum and see what's up. Spent my day off doing a conversion on a Catrike Villager at least that was more productive for a crazy ebike tech like me. Checking out this Storm thread now that's just insanity. Kudos to you Court for your...
  17. lilrich1959

    Due to arrive in March

    Really looking forward to getting the Foot loose into the shop. Was excited about this bike since the rep showed up one evening at closing and spent a couple of hours putting it through it's paces and looking at all the details, at least what you could see. A real departure from other...
  18. lilrich1959

    Semi New to Ebikes need suggestions on a buy

    Ryder sorry to pop your bubble your link lists four manufactures the first of which is on the way out. Prodeco is the only one that does not appear to be a conversion. Kind of a sad commentary on the present state of manufacturing in the US. I am hopeful that our entrepreneurial spirit will...
  19. lilrich1959

    Heres a nice E-Mountain Trike I built for a friend in Alaska

    I am the tech at a EBS so deal with manufactured bikes mainly. Have done some builds myself though, nothing like yours mainly due to limited funds and time. Nice to see a quality build. Welcome to the forum I hope to see a lot more from you. Your skills and knowledge will be appreciated. You...
  20. lilrich1959

    Heres a nice E-Mountain Trike I built for a friend in Alaska

    Very nice build Steve. What kind of price do you get on something like that? Did you do the wheel lacing yourself? Details, details...