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  1. rockir

    Mini Rokon project

    Hi all, I am new to lifepo4. I am building a electricity tank that weighs a few kgs that I can take to locations. I offered a 12ah 12v lifepo4 battery with bms from a neighborhood internet seller. The nominal voltage on the specs is 12.Eight. After it's absolutely charged the voltage studying I...
  2. rockir

    How do i program S866 display to 52V?

    There are quite a number of different aftermarket displays advertised, including the one your teaching how to program. What must I take into consideration when I am trying to get 3-4 miles an hour more on the top speed from a Magicycle Ocelot vs. a Himiway Cruiser? snaptube vidmate
  3. rockir

    New here from Tucson Az.

    I think that the pricing will be competitive because there are more SUVs out there in the Indian car market like the VW Tiguan, Škoda Kodiaq and the Citroen C5 Aircross. The pricing should be around 28-30 lakhs but there's no problem at all if it even reaches 35 lakhs because the other...
  4. rockir

    Fucare libra, just bought 2. any thoughts

    I have a lectric e-bike it doesn't have shock absorbers in the back. But the front forks have adjustable ride which is nice. They all operate pretty much the same but it is a good idea to read the manual especially about turning on off the display and adjusting it with the toggle switch. other...
  5. rockir

    BH Neo Volt

    i need a charger for the battery any idea where i can find it.
  6. rockir

    Specialized Turbo Creo Expert

    I work in a bike shop, and have been in and around cycling for some 40 years, this is the most amazing bike I've ever ridden. It's a wonderful time to be alive people! snaptube vidmate
  7. rockir

    Rear Pannier removal

    This is without a doubt the simplest and, after seeing 6 other videos on this subject, the very best video. The most important reason is that you can see everything he does with his hands and how he uses them to make sure the chain is positioned correctly especially on the reinstall. So many...
  8. rockir

    Hybrid etrike/scooter with optional one-,two-,or three wheel drive

    Most importantly, we should move the terrible and why I don't give it 5 stars. The crate came totally crushed (Not the dealers shortcoming I envision), at the same time, also, and what is an issue with thw merchant/make, is that on the front fork where the hub openings in it was excessively...
  9. rockir


    I was always excited by the Zuko Rhino. Pity they don't sell them in Europe. I would get one in a heartbeat. snaptube vidmate
  10. rockir

    New Ebike brand Intense

    I have this bike in the XL. 5' 11". I ride in Trail mode on any mtb trail. Battery lasts 2.5 hours while hammering constantly in tech. Bike feels light. Eco mode is not so good. The motor quits at 18mph which is a bummer. Turn radius not so good due to double crown. Bike is ton of fun to hammer...
  11. rockir

    Ebikes are too heavy.

    This is a beautiful work, my dear brother. Kodi nox
  12. rockir

    Hello, NBD Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5

    As an average biker and person who likes bikes this is an amazing addition to try. Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox
  13. rockir

    Hello, from Cranbrook B.C.

    welcome as well dude please share other kind of tricks. snaptube vidmate
  14. rockir

    Submerged Battery Warning

    Just for future reference and to further elaborate I would prefer to check in following order battery , battery connection and battery terminals and if you have verified this you could do an alternator removal put it in your bag take it to the nearest auto pats store and have it tested most of...
  15. rockir

    Magura service kit best source

    Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox why it's referred to as a cable grommet and not a (quick-)release lever, closure bar, fixing handle, tab, or the like, is a mystery. Backing this lever off, away from the brake cylinder, allows access to the hydraulic ports, and insertion of the lower bleeding syringe.