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  1. Xantari

    Trunk Bag for 2022 Turbo Vado

    @gpburdell You mention you need to remove the track mount on the MTX bags, do you then swap it out for a MIK plate? Any pictures of this by any chance? Also, you mention that you snip off the velcro on the MTS bags after using the MIK plate, i'm a bit confused on this, I thought the velcro...
  2. Xantari

    Trunk Bag for 2022 Turbo Vado

    @6zfshdb Does the Basil bag have a shoulder strap? How are the zippers? I read one review where it indicated the zippers weren't so great.
  3. Xantari

    2023 Vado 4.0 Phone Mount Options

    Ahh I see that big blue tab that sticks out can be rotated from side to side it appears. Thank you for confirmation that the quad lock works!!!
  4. Xantari

    2023 Vado 4.0 Phone Mount Options

    Looking for recommendations on Vado 4.0 phone mounts. I'm looked at the Quad Lock and I don't see how the Out Front mount or out front mount pro would work on this bike due to the handle bar design and the fact that the MasterMind TCU is in the way, and stem mount seems to be ruled out for the...
  5. Xantari

    Specialized Extender Battery on sale

    Does the extender battery work with the Vado 4.0 (non SL version)?
  6. Xantari

    2023 Specialized Vado vs 2022 Specialized Vado

    Has there been any news on when the 2023 Vado's will be coming out and what, if anything is different from the 2022 versions? I have decided on Vado 4.0 or a 5.0 as my next ebike and want to wait on the 2023 if there are major changes coming.