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  1. cayjak

    E-Bikes Now Allowed in National Parks!

    Just got this info from a Fed News blog to which I subscribe. Sounds like good policy to me!
  2. cayjak

    Anyone been using a pure sine wave inverter to charge your Rad bike?

    Hooked up my Kill A Watt in my garage. Took some photos, which uploaded in reverse order from the way I took them. :mad: Photos show Hertz (frequency), watts, amps, and volts. First 4 photos with the RAD battery charger plugged in to the Kill A Watt meter, and also plugged into the battery...
  3. cayjak

    Anyone been using a pure sine wave inverter to charge your Rad bike?

    All these confusing numerical calculations are not necessary. Just get yerself a Kill A Watt monitor. Usually under $20 from Amazon or Walmart. Plug it in any AC power outlet (house, RV or the outlet on the inverter). Plug your battery charger into the monitor. Read the power consumption of...
  4. cayjak

    Two RadMinis in SUV or on a Rack

    Well, I stand corrected. I didn't think 2 Minis would fit in the Sorento, but seeing is believing! I think my mistake was putting our single Mini in our Sorento laying in a horizontal position, instead of standing up the way they are designed to ride. Live and learn! Thanks for the great...
  5. cayjak

    Two RadMinis in SUV or on a Rack

    Sorry to hear that your bikes got roughed up, but it is a story that has been heard here way too often. I won't go off on a rant about shipping damage, because it doesn't seem to accomplish anything. In all the cases I know of, RAD eventually made it right with the customers. Hope this is...
  6. cayjak

    Two RadMinis in SUV or on a Rack

    When you get your Minis, and have had time to play with them, let us know how it works carrying them in your Sorento. You may get it to work, and if so, that would be of great interest to other potential buyers. If you do get them to fit, take some photos of how they are arranged, and how you...
  7. cayjak

    Two RadMinis in SUV or on a Rack

    We have 2 ebikes - a RadMini and a conventional frame mid-drive cruiser. We also have a 2011 Kia Sorento. I have carried the RadMini (folded) inside the Sorento with the back seats folded. It takes up most of the flat floor space, and as mentioned above, is extremely awkward to load and...
  8. cayjak

    Side car for rad mini?

    How about bolting a suitably sized box on the rear rack? I know, it would put the weight up high, which is not ideal. But if a small dog, might work.
  9. cayjak

    20" Fatbike Tires for pavement.

    22-23 inches tall (mounted & inflated). See the photos in the link I posted above.
  10. cayjak

    20" Fatbike Tires for pavement.

    I used Sunlite XL Cruisers 20 x 4-1/4 wire bead black. Here's my old thread. The link to the place where I bought them (Niagara Cycle) is broken. Do a Google search for other sources, if you are interested...
  11. cayjak

    Off-road hill climbing ability mid-drive vs rear hub

    Random thoughts from someone who has never ridden in any "off-pavement" conditions other than flat dirt roads. I have both mid-drive and hub motor bikes. If you ignore the rider power input through the pedals, and only look at the motor power, then it seems to me that mid-drive would be...
  12. cayjak

    Freewheel change

    Actually, with the 11-28T freewheel, the two biggest sprockets (1st and 2nd gear) will be the same size as the stock freewheel - the other five sprockets will be smaller than stock. As AHicks says, you should be fine.
  13. cayjak

    2018 Rad City Conversion to KT LCD3 and Controller w/1500w DD Hub and 11 Tooth Freewheel

    Putting the DNP freewheel on the Rover is a bit more demanding application, compared to the City and the Mini. Even though you might not do so, the Rover does invite off road riding, in possibly rougher terrain, and also allows a more aggressive (standing) pedaling position. This could put...
  14. cayjak

    New Bike Announcements

    So, they finally took a hint from all the people here who swapped freewheels to the DNP 11-34T. Nice change - a manufacturer who is willing to improve their product! Be interesting to see what brand is the freewheel. The slick tires on the new step-thru RadMini look interesting. We needed...
  15. cayjak

    Out of Stock

    At least when you finally DO get your bike, you know it is "fresh stock" and hasn't been sitting in a dark, dank, dirty warehouse for many months.
  16. cayjak

    Changing RadMini gear ratios

    Yes, as noted above, you must use a freewheel in this application. I can't say "all freewheels are interchangeable" because I'm not a expert on that stuff. I can say, after much reading here, and on other bike forums, that the DNP was the only suitable replacement unit I could find with both 7...
  17. cayjak

    Easy Freewheel (rear cassette) Change on my RadMini Under $50

    I don't know anything about the Rad City, so I can't comment on RAD's statement about the dropout width. What I can say is the DNP freewheel I used on my Mini is almost exactly the same "height" (width) as the stock freewheel + spacer. The DNP + the spacer was a very tight fit in the dropouts...
  18. cayjak

    A Rad owner's impressions of the LBS

    Where we live there are no dedicated e-bike dealers. One big LBS, where they might have a e-bike if it was taken in on trade, but that's it. I was totally dependent on the online sources for my education. Our first e-bike was a step-thru Stunner from Biktrix in Saskatoon, Canada. Purchase...
  19. cayjak

    Changing RadMini gear ratios

    Take your time, and savor the experience! I think you will enjoy the more useful gear ratios.
  20. cayjak

    Changing RadMini gear ratios

    Don't know about that, but happy to be helpful. By the way, I'm still totally satisfied with our Rad Mini after the freewheel upgrade, and I have no desire to change the front chainring.