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  1. Joe52V

    Transporting a large Ebike

    I ended up with the KAC overdrive sports 2 . My wife has a Himiway coming next week. So we will be putting both on . We take the batteries off to lessen the load by 20 lbs. Its a good rack works well tire size not an issUe. Im used to Thule so this is a little lesser quality but wasnt spending...
  2. Joe52V

    CrossCurrent S2 on order.....issues to look for?

    Ordered mine in May over 600 miles love my Rip Current . I had one issue BB made noise talked to Juiced sent them a video of sound. They sent me a new on plus new pedals. The customer service for me is 5 stars so far . I have a total of 5 bikes 3 regular and 2 electric bikes 2nd one on the...
  3. Joe52V

    Impressed with Juiced bikes but???????????

    I have over 600 miles minor issues but Juice has always responded quickly and replaced the part i needed . Love my Rip Current
  4. Joe52V


    Hi steve, It took alot if riding on a trek hybrid first . Then i got this beast in May and now at 587 miles . At first i had to use PA 2 and 3. I still need 3 if its crazy hills. I am now trying to do most of my riding in economy which is almost no help. Lol
  5. Joe52V

    E-bikes for heavy riders?

    Himiway cruiser 350#
  6. Joe52V

    Juiced RipCurrent-S (aka RCS) - 1000 km Impressions and Log Summary

    City explorer I just broke the 500 mile mark on my RC . Only one issue bottom bracket went on it but juice sent me a new one. I love the bike. im getting 30+ miles on battery and i havent completely exhausted the battery either. Im thinking of adding a 2nd battery to connect to for longer rides...
  7. Joe52V


    The biggest question when i was researching my first ebike was how far can I go on the battery. Yes there are many factors. The Rip has a 52v 13a. At 500 miles I put her through many variable. I tested the battery in 10 mile increments . Last week was the final test of the maximum under good...
  8. Joe52V

    500 miles Juiced Rip

    Broke the 500 mile mark. Its been about 5 weeks since it got her. Only one problem the bottom bracket needs replacing. I received excellent customer service from Juiced . They sent me a new cartridge and a new set of pedals . So far their customer service has been 5 stars! Thank you Juiced .
  9. Joe52V

    Which bikes have hub drive, torque sensor, and throttle?

    Juiced Rip Current fat bike
  10. Joe52V

    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Hello, When i first got my rip current last month the chain was skipping gears and getting stuck. I checked my derailuer and it was angled just a bit to cause the problem. The first thing i did was make an adjustment to the derailuer. Its very simple there is an adjustment barrel knob on the...
  11. Joe52V

    CrossCurrent - need REALLY upright riding position - advice before purchasing please!

    Hello, I have two options that might help. I have my trek that i installed butterfly or trekking bars and it gives you many positions to ride. On my juiced Rip i install an adjustable stem but you can only go so far but it was enough to put me in more of an upright position.
  12. Joe52V

    Yesterday’s ride

    End of the ride hangin with some honkers ! Lol
  13. Joe52V

    Yesterday’s ride

    Taking a break on the river . Had a nice 21 mile ride.
  14. Joe52V

    iGO fat tire ebikes

    I was told from Juiced the bike would be in the first week in June . I got it by 5/26. Only 7 days . But i could have just got lucky .
  15. Joe52V

    iGO fat tire ebikes

    Mjm I have a Juiced Rip Current fat bike love it .Bought it 5/20 and have 350 miles on it. I looked quick at the specs of the IGo and it has some similar options but one the Juiced Fat had the others didnt 52V 11.5 ah. I go anywhere 20 -25 miles battery still half full. Plus the price for the...
  16. Joe52V

    Transporting a large Ebike

    Here are some pictures before and after .
  17. Joe52V

    Transporting a large Ebike

    I forgot to mention when looking for a platform 2 major things to look for max weight per bike and wheel size . Mine takes a 5” fat tire and the Rip current is 26x4” which fits nicely. I found many only go to 3”
  18. Joe52V

    Transporting a large Ebike

    Hello everyone I thought my Thule aero rack would have been fine for transporting but do to the size of my Juiced fat bike it just wasnt made for in my opinion to be put on a hitch rack. So we bought a heavy duty platform rack and wow what a difference in transporting. Some Ebikes like mine...