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  1. dblhelix

    E-bike price increase due to new Tariffs ( non political thread) anyone hear how much?

    I was thinking about the ebike-specific announcement I read some years ago -- probably this: Some light searching reveals European tariffs on Chinese bike imports dating back to 1993. tbh, I have trouble these days understanding what constitutes...
  2. dblhelix

    E-bike price increase due to new Tariffs ( non political thread) anyone hear how much?

    Didn't the EU apply similar protectionist tariffs some years ago? I think the Euro players protected themselves. I see Bosch batteries made in Poland or Vietnam, frames in Taiwan and so on.
  3. dblhelix

    Charging Ebikes on EV Charging stations

    The Bosch 'fast' charger used by OP is non-switching, 50Hz, i.e. of limited use, stateside. I'd say @ava1ar has made the best possible use of this resource that is otherwise too limited to be useful in the US. The Grin Cycle Satiator with the Bosch adapter (pre- Smart System) is an alternative...
  4. dblhelix

    Digital Torque Wrench

    Woooooooooooo ... I'm going to be a Czech here and say ha ha...
  5. dblhelix

    MY23 Riese and Muller Supercharger 2 GT Rohloff - 53cm - Warm Silver Matt

    How frustrating, Sam. Wishing you a speedier recovery.
  6. dblhelix

    Got pulled over by cop.

    Which parkway?
  7. dblhelix

    Key Bridge Collapse May Affect Bike Imports

    While I live in the DC metro, I keep my sailboat in Sparrows Point, which is to 'the right' of the bridge. Sparrows Point is the site of former Bethlehem Steel (furnace came down in 2012) and is now Tradepoint Atlantic, a major distribution center. Residents in the area transitioned from steel...
  8. dblhelix

    Salsa e-Bikes - Bikepacking Options

    Kuhn made a $1.1 mill offer, but the other side wants to be paid $0.50/ticket in perpetuity. I don't have the numbers for the operating costs, taxes etc, but it stands to reason that Kuhn feels it's too big of a bite. The C&O is a completely different experience outside of DC-Potomac and HP. No...
  9. dblhelix

    Could "E-Bikepacking" Become A Thing asks

    LOL, shop queen indeed. The Load is even worse.
  10. dblhelix

    Salsa e-Bikes - Bikepacking Options

    No, the dirt is relatively packed since the washout goes back to June 2018. This was a temporary detour maybe 8 miles before Williamsport. The C&O is only super crowded the first 20 miles or so, and then again around Harper's Ferry for a bit. That leaves 150-160 miles of relative solitude...
  11. dblhelix

    Salsa e-Bikes - Bikepacking Options

    Salsa is a business which has read the same reports we all have: bicycle sales are abysmal while ebikes represent the only growth. This is their wheelhouse, so this is what they bolt the Bosch motor on. I was out on the C&O canal (flat, dirt) and hit a detour up a very steep hill. The ground...
  12. dblhelix

    Could "E-Bikepacking" Become A Thing asks

    I'm skeptical about feelers inquiring whether something can be a 'thing.' I've been cross-country 2X on an e-bike and have done my fair share of shorter bike-packing excursions. Not going to talk about packing 2 chargers, solar trailers etc as this has been discussed to death. The elephant in...
  13. dblhelix

    New Jersey Would Be Foolish To Require E-Bike Insurance & Registration

    The bike licensing/registration is an interesting piece of history --thank you, but I this was pre-interstate America with relatively fewer cars on the road. What percentage of American households even owned a car? It made sense in 1935 to bike on the roads for transportation. Today's reality...
  14. dblhelix

    Kickstand for multicharger mixte

    Here are the dimensions for the Jumbo sold at Amazon
  15. dblhelix

    Superdelite front wheel quick release axel

    2018 Charger Enviolo 2019 Nevo Rohloff 2022 Load60 All three with Suntour front forks. In the case of the Load, it is hard to find another fork for a 20" front wheel.
  16. dblhelix

    Superdelite front wheel quick release axel

    Which front fork do you have? If it's a Suntour, that's your problem.
  17. dblhelix

    Nyon and Rohloff e14 Forgets Start Gear Setting

    I can tell you that I suffered with the disappearing start gear with the original Nyon. It is not a new problem. I think it was responsive for R&M to send you a new shifter unit, but I wonder which issue they were targeting? It might be useful to take a poll on the start gear issue. I was...
  18. dblhelix

    Two E-bikes?

    R&M Load 60 -- this one goes camping Tern Vektron -- this one goes on the sailboat
  19. dblhelix

    Error 640 on Bosch Powertube 500 battery after 1000 hours of use

    Not true for the Bosch 6A "fast" charger, which consequently is not available for the US market. I tried one out using a heavy transformer but decided on another solution for my needs. The only nibble I've had when putting up the transformer for sale was some guy considering purchase of an...