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  1. Marc V

    Safely recharging ebike battery from 12v DC outlet in my RV (motorhome)

    I use my solar panels/battery bank/inverter setup to charge my eBike battery but it is a puresine wave inverter. I would recommend contacting Haibike support about your bike's battery charger, its possible it has built in tech already to safeguard your battery with a situation like this. Maybe...
  2. Marc V

    Nice vision of a future ruled by bikes

    Thanks for sharing! great read... It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next few years. I agree with what was stated in the final paragraphs about people's hesitation to ride along cars in traffic and dealing with weather. I am closing in on around 1000 miles riding in...
  3. Marc V

    Another Noob saying hello.

    Sounds great! Have fun with boat life! I think an eBike will just add to the fun lol Take care, ride safe (and sail safe :))! Marc V
  4. Marc V

    Hello, from Saint Louis

    Good luck on your eBike decision! Take care, ride safe!
  5. Marc V

    Pandora's Box!!! New to the forum

    Welcome Dave! What are you using for your capacity tests? I ended up getting the knock off iMaxB6 for a bit cheaper than the official one (truth be told I didn't know it was a knock off till my friend pointed it out lol). Also, how big will your battery be as well as configuration? I was...
  6. Marc V

    Are throttles the devil?

    I personally don't believe throttles are the devil lol
  7. Marc V

    Juiced ODK U500 V3 32AH Range

    Hey All! After owning the Juiced ODK U500 V3 for a few weeks and really liking it, I finally got around to doing a full range test. Long story short I got about 50 miles with the 32ah battery on a single full charge. Long story even longer see below lol I chose to ride it in an almost worst...
  8. Marc V

    ODK U500 - Winter Riding?

    I have a Juiced ODK U500 V3 and live in Chicago, I got it towards the end of winter so only road it a few times when there was snow. I mostly use it to commute to work (~20miles round trip) and Chicago is pretty good on clearing the roads when it snows but I felt the bike handles well in both...
  9. Marc V

    Juiced odk

    Traded in my 1st eBike for the Juiced Bikes ODK U500 V3 and so far got a little over 200 miles clocked in and really enjoying the bike! Unfortunately I have not tried the pedego cargo although I was debating that and spicy and other cargo bikes, I eventually chose the ODK U500 because it was a...
  10. Marc V

    battery problem?

    Wow, sorry to hear and I will keep an eye on this thread as I currently own a Juiced Bike, hope you get it worked out! I currently own a Juiced ODK U500 V3 (2nd eBike) and have worked with Juiced Support on a few support cases and they have been very helpful (even Tora himself responded to one...
  11. Marc V

    Hi fromChicago

    I work near that mall, so this is great news! There is a nice path right across the street, I wonder if we leave our ID or something like that they can let us take an extended real world test ride lol
  12. Marc V

    Hi fromChicago

    Didn't even know eBike Expo was coming to Chicago, that should be fun!
  13. Marc V

    Radmini mods that I've done...

    I am curious as well, my friend and I were just talking about insurance last night with eBikes! lol
  14. Marc V

    Ebike Reccomendations for Towing

    Great videos! lets get an update when the cargo is fully loaded lol. Take care, ride safe! Marc V
  15. Marc V

    Ebike Reccomendations for Towing

    I'd be curious of this as well, I've only had real life experience with front hub eBikes :)
  16. Marc V

    Ebike Reccomendations for Towing

    I was looking at the Mariner as well but decided to go with the Juiced Bikes ODK U500 V3 instead. Let me know how it goes! Take care, ride safe! Marc V
  17. Marc V

    Best Day!

    lol I just watched the youtube video on that link with the guy testing a bicycle wheel on a toyota corrolla! Crazy! haha
  18. Marc V

    Ebike Reccomendations for Towing

    Thats a sweet setup!
  19. Marc V

    Flat tires

    Lets hope you can beat that record moving forward on pavement or trails! :)
  20. Marc V

    Petite looking for car replacement

    I just got the juiced odk u500 v3 ebike over the weekend. This is my 2nd ebike and so far i am very happy with my purchase! I got the 32ah battery which is estimated 80+ mile range, have not done a range test though. Be aware though the battery is heavy and isn't designed to be removed...