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  1. Graysco242

    Rad Rover handle bar end mirror suggestions/reccomendation

    Hafney mirrors seem to be the best very sturdy.
  2. Graysco242


    Does the bolton controller work on the 2020 radrhino e.u. 250 version.
  3. Graysco242


    How many charges can a rad bike batteru do
  4. Graysco242

    Travelling around

    Thanks for those comments.
  5. Graysco242

    Travelling around

    When I'm out on my rad i usualy do about 10 mile on a local trip i thhen put it on charge and it takes about two and a half hours am i doing the right thing or should I just leave it till it runs down more.
  6. Graysco242


    Was led to believe the new radmission was starting at 999 was going to order my wife one now i see its €1,199 have i got this wrong or can they just up a figure when they want am a bit peeved.
  7. Graysco242

    Eu 250 throttle

    I find it easier to use the throttle while peddaling , is this detrimental to the battery. Will the battery drain more quickly?
  8. Graysco242

    Radrinho wing mirror

    Cant find a wing mirror to fit my radrhino rad bikes only do the left hand side but being in europe i need a right hand side one plus the handlebars are so chunky am finding one to fit.
  9. Graysco242

    Just wanted to share my 2020 RAD Mini 35amp Controller and Color LCD Install

    I've got a 2020 rhino 250 e.u. version hoping this works on mine.
  10. Graysco242

    Bolton controller

    Was it quite straightforward to fit like for like connections.
  11. Graysco242

    Bolton controller

    Thsnks for that the controllers the favourite then.
  12. Graysco242

    New rad city

    Is the new rad city available in the u k if so what price in pound sterling.
  13. Graysco242

    Bolton controller

    I have a 2020 radrhino e.u. version I'm in the uk i was wondering if the bolton controller fitted straight on my bike or would i need some modification also is there anywhere in the uk i could purchase one its the 250 version would be grateful for replys thanks.
  14. Graysco242

    Same here have got the 2020 rinho because like you i am in europe uk we are limited to the 250...

    Same here have got the 2020 rinho because like you i am in europe uk we are limited to the 250 version we are being penalised because of our motering laws.
  15. Graysco242

    Controller for radrinho

    Thats nice to know i was given good advice thankyou.
  16. Graysco242

    Controller for radrinho

    The rhino is the 2020 with a 250 motor therefore your limited to what speed you can do.
  17. Graysco242

    RAD RHINO European Version

    High how much would one of these kits cost
  18. Graysco242

    Controller for radrinho

    Whats the price for a controller for a radrhino its only a 250 at the moment and have been told i need a bigger controller.