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    E6001 play in bottom bracket - common in steps 6000 motors?

    I have a Merida espresso 600, 2017 version with a steps 6001 motor speed limited to 25kmh. I have done about 4500km on it in the last 18 months mostly commuting on road or concrete bike path. The issue I have is that a fair bit of play has developed in the bottom bracket so the motor has gone...
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    Trance E+1

    I had something similar happen on a BH Emotion bike I used to have. It turned out to be a fault with the battery. It got replaced under warranty.
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    Wheel circumference

    As per slomoshan post the mechanic at my local bike shop (where I’d purchased the bike) hooked up the bike whilst on the phone to shimano and they then allowed him to make the necessary adjustments.
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    My CrossCurrent S at lunch with me in Denver, Colorado

    This film in two parts about bike theft in London is an interesting watch. part 1 part 2
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    My Review of the Riese & Müller Delite GX Rohloff

    I managed to fit front mudguards to a suspension fork using a couple of cat eye seat post brackets like this Then attached the mudguards at the top of the fork with a couple of neatly...
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    Selling my Giant Trance to buy Giant E-bike?

    If I was you I would try looking at other brands the it comes to an EMTB. I've never tried one but most of the reviews I've read on the Giants have not been that positive. I too have a Trance 2 for MTB which I enjoy riding apart from on the uphills (but that more me than the bike), I also have...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Riese & Müller Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    With regards to your issue with the front fender attachment, I believe that a lot of fenders are designed to do this on the front as a safety feature. If something gets jammed between the front tyre and the fender then the fender detaches rather than locks and throws you over the handlebars.
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    Wheel circumference

    I was just wondering if it is possible to set the wheel circumference for the steps E6000 system? I've tried looking through the menu options in the setup of the onboard computer but it doesn't seem obvious. I've just had my bike (2017 Merida espresso 600EQ) back from the shop where the motor...
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    Shimano w013 warning/error

    I'm only guessing but it could potentially be a loose connection or something that causes the power to momentarily be lost to the controller unit causing it to reboot. If this happens when you're pedalling then it will interfere with the torque sensor setup when starting up. I had a similar...
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    Battery charging issue

    I would just take the battery and charger to the retailer you purchased the bike from, if there are any problems it should all be covered under warranty. I ended up swapping my Evo29er in the end and am now the proud owner of a Merida espresso 600eq, which has the shimano steps mid drive...
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    BH EasyGo Race - any way to delimit 25km/h ?

    As far as I understand it's no easy task and the only way to do it is by wiring in an additional battery to increase the voltage. All described in great detail in this youtube clip. I haven't tried it myself. Obviously it would void any warranty.
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    Battery charging issue

    Turns out it was the battery that was at fault. Luckily it's still under warranty. That's now the second battery failure I've had and along with all the other issues I've had with the bike in the 20 months I've owned it, I don't really have much confidence in BH Ebikes. The bike is great when...
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    Battery charging issue

    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried a different cable from the wall to the charger and still no joy. I think the electronics in the charger must be knackered. I'll take it into the bike shop today.
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    Battery charging issue

    Has anyone ever had an issue with the battery not charging? It has happened to me a few times now, where I plug in the battery to charge and the charger indicator light just keeps flashing green to signify 'Standby' mode. Previously I have tried the following fixes cleaned the contacts with...
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    Battery cover

    pretty sure the cover is an extra and doesn't come as standard
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    2017 Easy Motion Bikes

    Hi Taipan I feel your pain, I have been through similar power loss issues with my Evo 29er. Fortunately the retailer I bought the bike from and the distributor here in NZ have both been extremely helpful. After trying several times to find the cause of the problem they gave up trying and...
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    15 months with my Evo 29er

    15 months ago I purchased an Evo 29er for commuting to and form work here in Auckland. A distance of approximately 7km each way. In the time I've had the bike I've had the following issues In the first 4 months of ownership I had recurring power loss issues which the shop I bought the bike...
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    Buying a used ebike- Easy Motion Neo 29er

    from the BH Evo manual What should I do when I am not going to use the bicycle for a long period of time? A charge equivalent to 70-80% of the full capacity is recommended before storing for a long time period. Likewise, its charge level shall be supervised every three months and shall be...
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    Buying a used ebike- Easy Motion Neo 29er

    BH literature reckons that their batteries are good for 30 000 km, I think 2000 miles is about 3200km so theoretically there should still be a bit of life in the battery, though they do also degrade with time.
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    Shipping to Greece

    After the experience I've had after owning an Evo 29er for the last year I would never buy an E-bike from anywhere other than a local bike shop that you can easily take it back to when warranty issues occur.