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  1. RTeremi

    Turbo Tero 3.0 vs 5.0

    Exactly; I have a 48T chainring; though I still grind snow canyon climb. My loop is Kayenta to snow canyon, to veyo, to gunlock and home. I’m leaning towards Creo as the next bike.
  2. RTeremi

    Turbo Tero 3.0 vs 5.0

    Hello from Ivins your neighbor to the west. Our local bike shop Red rock bicycle are great folks to work with, they have good experience with the Tero. I considered buying one from them, but stuck for the Turbo Vado for the type of riding I prefer. Yes there are certainly advantages...
  3. RTeremi

    Vado battery swap

    Swap away! We have 2 bikes, 3 batteries and the 3 have been used interchangeably.
  4. RTeremi

    Turbo Como 3.0 tune to mimic analog bike?

    Take your weight plus the bike weight as a value. Ride a flat stretch of road with the power off, but look at the power value displayed; this power value is all you at this point. Divide the bike weight from the total weight; so you get the pct which is just bike weight. Now turn on the power...
  5. RTeremi

    Noisy Brakes on 2022 Turbo Vado 4

    Hard to say anything without seeing them
  6. RTeremi

    Vado step-through IGH and non-IGH weight?

    IGH/NonIGH: These are heavy bikes for stairs in either configuration: somebody will clarify an exact weight, but ~56-58lbs? The SL is a different story: ~33lbs removing the battery certainly helps, but not enough to make me carry these beasts up /down flights of stairs. The SL: ok, maybe I would.
  7. RTeremi

    Turbo Vado 4.0 questions: range and reliability

    I have a 2020 Vado 4.0 and I just passed 3000miles. i Swapped out the smaller chainring at about 1000miles (keep in mind I did this change for ‘flat land’ speed) and replaced the cassette and chain at the same time, only because I wanted the drivetrain to all be ‘aged’ the same) and now at...
  8. RTeremi

    Specialized Vado 4.0 - Beware

    I replaced the sprocket myself at roughly 1000miles last year (2020 Vado 4.0). Also the chain and the chainring (and went up to the 48t). Now I’m roughly another 1000miles on this set and the tooth count has helped with wear on that smallest sprocket. I’d guess I’ll get at least another...
  9. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    After I made the change from 40 to 48tooth my LBS said they should change the torque settings in the software. As I can’t confirm what, if anything, they changed, perhaps the definition they gave is incorrect. I suppose I could call them and ask for clarity of the change: they didn’t charge me...
  10. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    yes, I wished Dekas had tapped those holes: bought sleeve nuts and then used painting tape on the inside to hold the sleeves while I started the bolts. Truth be told, I had to do this 2x as I added a washer on the second attempt as the chain lined up better slightly more inboard. (The washer...
  11. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    So far no issues with no guard No, no issue w/o chain guard. Super happy with this setup.
  12. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    I also used the Dekas, but the 48tooth, easy swap out, no special tools. I did need LBS to change the torque settings in the software to change chainring sizes. Also replaced rear cassette but stuck with the original Shimano configuration.
  13. RTeremi

    Apple Watch, Strava, and Mission Control

    I use the Garmin VivoActive4, Strava and have a Vado, so I assume it’s similar with the Apple Watch. I have my Strava account connected to the watch, I use mission control only for mapping while my phone is mounted to the handle bars. I select bike as an activity on the watch, it’s linked to...
  14. RTeremi

    Storage of the Bicycle Frame Vado or Como

    You could wrap it if you’re concerned about dust. If worried about moisture you could put a desiccant container inside the wrap.
  15. RTeremi

    So I got all My parts for Vado 4 48T conversion But chain

    Here’s a link with somebody saying the claim is 2x the normal and 650hours of salt spray resistance:
  16. RTeremi

    So I got all My parts for Vado 4 48T conversion But chain

    I’m not seeing any specific claims by KMC (like ASTM B117). Did run across a site with test data for these chains, but it’s behind a pay wall. Most likely, nothing to be concerned with and chains are relatively inexpensive to replace.
  17. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    I replaced the chainring, the chain (see attached), and the cassette. I bought Park tools rivet driving tool CT3.3 and the KMC 136 link chain. I need to count how many links I ended up with as my first go was a bit long. I should mention I replaced all these parts without regard to cost, as...
  18. RTeremi

    Chain ring tooth selection

    I’ll get to a point where I can post all the photos in order: but for now, here is the chainring and guard removed. This is the original, where the guard is bolted to the inside of the chainring. The praxis chainring is threaded, so the four bolts are through the crank and into the...