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    Best Ebikes and Tires (width) for roads and light trails?

    Thread 'A comparison of tires in wet weather' I have both the super moto and the super moto x. I prefer the super moto. It is a bit better on wet pavement.
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    Trek PowerFly 4 2022

    With a rack and fenders it sounds like you will be using it for commuting. Yes to the kickstand lights and fenders. You might want to add a suspension seat post. I have been daily commuting with a 2017 power fly 5 hard tail for three years. If you are serious about mountain biking a full...
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    Show us pictures of your cockpit!

    From left to right, Bontrager grips, bosch controller, Aliexpress rechargeable flashing light, Rubber Chicken Pedestrian Warning System, Supernova M99 Mini-Pro headlight, Delta Hefty+ phone holder, Headlight high beam switch.
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    Battery charging routine?

    A new motor and battery is 2300$. Add in 1200 from the scrap it program it only costs about $1000 for a new bike over the major component replacement, sell the old bike for a few dollars. Old hondas go for 2500, drive for five years and get a 1200 credit for a vehicle that won't sell for more...
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    Battery charging routine?

    I bought my Samsung s8 before I got my bike. I disrespect its battery in exactly the same manner I abuse my ebike battery. Both have been through exactly the same number of crashes as my phone is always on my handlebars. At 11000km I expect my motor, battery and phone to be halfway through their...
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    Cost Per Mile / Total Miles

    300$a pound Dungeness sounds good, I once spent 430$ Cdn in fuel just to get the wife some 8.5 inch Red Rock Crabs. I could have bought another wheel instead. I really hope she appreciates the sacrifice.
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    Cost Per Mile / Total Miles

    well, the 900$ in rain gear didn't help. Neither did the 5 sets of wheels with cassettes and brake rotors. Or the 500$ lights and 700$ in tools and a stand. All on all probably 80cents a km. On the plus side we went from two vehicles to one.
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    Battery charging routine?

    We are both right. There are no bad decisions or wrong answers. Only different outcomes.
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    Battery charging routine?

    I charge my Bosch gen 2 battery when i get home from work. It stays on the charger overnight and shuts off on its own. Just my opinion, the minor gains in battery life are not worth the effort of trying to outsmart the battery management system. The engineers who designed this system have far...
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    Some real comfortable bar grips? My ergon grips are a pain in the ...... wrist !

    Sometimes it is as simple a rotating the handle bars up a few degrees and rotating the brake levers downward about 20 degrees from the flat position. The showroom position is done for looks not ergonomics.
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    Rear cassette replacement for Verve + 3

    Please tell us about those pedals
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    A comparison of tires in wet weather

    Daily commuting in Vancouver is an excellent laboratory for wet weather tire comparisons. The Super Moto-X tires handle well under damp and dry conditions, did ok on light gravel and mud on the road. The Marathon Supreme tire handled well on wet and dry roads but easily loose traction on gravel...
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    Any pictures of how you transport your favorite ride?

    Almost the truth, we went down to one car between the two of us. I commute by bike daily and the savings pays for the boat, Proviz jackets, expensive rain gear, three sets of wheels and tires, $1000 in gloves. Tossing one of the kids out of the house gave me a maintenance room to store $3000...
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    Any pictures of how you transport your favorite ride?

    I am down to two vehicles, both are in this picture.
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    KMC 10E vs 10EPT

    I am running the KMC 10E with out the coating. It did not rust. The coating will wear off of the contact surfaces fairly quickly. Just oil regularly. Quality bike components are already resistant to corrosion. Having conducted a couple of week long salt immersion tests I have concluded, do not...
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    Are Electric Bikes Legal In Canada?

    In Canada, other than speeding through a school zone, it requires a great deal of effort to attract the attention of the police. Nobody drives the speed limit. Bylaw officers only hand out parking tickets, never seen them doing anything else. Border guards only care about guns and agricultural...
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    Passing on the right

    Ride fast, Die last.
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    Is there any DOT headlight?

    HI, Daily commuter here. I went with the Super nova mini pro 25. two years , zero issues. The high low beam switch is a separate illuminated button that is positioned to be activated with my thumb without releasing the handle bar. the tail light is super bright and can be equipped with a brake...
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    safety on bikes-lights/reflective vests etc

    Thank you for posting this , the flat topped low beam on a quality light wont blind pedestrians or fellow cyclists. And the high beam is great for night riding on bike paths. I went with the SuperNova mini- pro, it hurt at the checkout page but worth every nickel