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  1. J

    Rohloff e-14 oil leak

    Same, no leaks in any of my three Rohloffs.
  2. J

    Tubed vs Tubeless - what are you doing on your R&M?

    One other thing I've noticed with the Tannus liners is that the increased rolling resistance is very sensitive to pressure - at 40psi it's present but tolerable, if I let them get down to 30 it's very noticeable.
  3. J

    Tubed vs Tubeless - what are you doing on your R&M?

    I actually find it very noticeable, but worth it for me after a couple of flats out and about. In many places I’m either slower or riding in Eco mode where before I comfortably rode with the motor off, or riding in Tour mode where before I was in Eco. But, I’m always riding with my service...
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    Tubed vs Tubeless - what are you doing on your R&M?

    I had Tannus Armour liners installed after a couple of road flats, the increase in rolling resistance is very noticeable, as they found in this test, but worth it IMHO.
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    Transporting Cargo eBikes (specially Dutch style)

    The Load 75 is actually a tad more than 8'6" - 264.5cm per the specs - so unlike your Bullitt and Big Dummy, it wouldn't be permitted sideways here without wheel removal or other weirdness. But they would indeed have to check local regs, and for my own part, I would not feel safe having the...
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    Transporting Cargo eBikes (specially Dutch style)

    I can fit my Load 75 into the back of either of my pickups - a 5.5' and a 6.75', diagonally and with the tailgate down, no problem. But I believe it's too long to use a hitch mount carrier sideways like this day to day - given the length of the bike, you'd be substantially wider than any...
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    A Few Questions from a Prospective Riese and Müller Buyer

    Congrats and welcome to the club!
  8. J

    What mileage are you getting on your Multicharger 750wh battery?

    Laugh-cries in 90kg for me plus another 45 for Arrow plus 5-10kg of lock and randomness on the rack of the Load 75 at all times... though in fairness, if I keep it to Eco I think I can still hit 100 miles. :)
  9. J

    New Multicharger Owner -- clicking when pedalling question

    Going OT here but I've never heard this before and rotate the pedals backward to get good positioning to take off regularly when I take off from a red light or stop sign - what makes you say so? I don't recall reading it from R&M or Bosch...?
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    Same, the significantly wider gear range of the Rohloff and increased riding range of the dual battery, not forcing you to ride in Eco mode all the time, are both things I would not give up for the ABS.
  11. J

    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    Well, the announcement of the Load 4 series was interesting, but darn, while I quite like the idea of ABS, having no Rohloff option and also being restricted to a single battery with the Smart System - so my current dual battery Load 75 has 1/3 more battery capacity than the maximum available on...
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    I hope not! A lot of us don't want a bike with a box like this, they may be great for small kids but if you want to carry large or heavy objects, having to lift them further into the box would be unhelpful. (My dog is 100 lbs, no way I'd be lifting him to put him in the box, and then if he...
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    Kiox fails to BT pair on Smart System

    Agree completely that family members often share bikes and allowing it to work with only one account seems like an artificial and unhelpful limitation. Hopefully this is not a product of their of their database schema, if it is a fix might be nontrivial.
  14. J

    Rohloff e-14 oil leak

    I went Rohloff on my non-electric adventure bike (Ti 29er built for me by Black Sheep) and it’s been bulletproof. Love, love, love being able to grab multiple gears easily and shift at a stop when crawling around off road.
  15. J

    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    Really? I can’t believe they would give that up in the medium term, there are too many of us for whom it’s a significant selling point…
  16. J

    Homage Delays

    Agreed that a lot of companies are seemingly abusing the supply chain excuse, including by claiming delays on things they have previously reported to be in stock, etc.
  17. J

    Bike stands for eBike maintenance

    Homestead goals...
  18. J

    Pondering a Riese Muller purchase and could use some guidance

    Get yourself a Homage and her a Load 75 and she can carry the kids in the box instead of on the back of the GSD. 😁
  19. J

    Where to get R&M parts?

    I've found the Propel folks extremely responsive and would not hesitate to buy another bike (or parts) from them.