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    Yet another "Careful of DOST Bikes" warning

    I should have warned everyone in 2022 that things weren't right. I would call them and they would say that my items were backordered. That's probably when things were going sideways because I did get my bike and some things on my order. But I have an extended warranty that is worthless, and...
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    DŌST as common thieves?

    Folks, I've been waiting over 1 1/2 years to receive items that were in my order. I was going to call them again today when I Googled if they were in business and it says they were in receivership. I called their 833 number and the voice response is in a language I am not familiar with. Why...
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    Careful of Dost Bike Co.

    Yes, I did purchase the seat post. The other items are custom-made for DOST, like the side mirror and top bag. Thanks for the idea of asking them to reimburse me for the seat post. I enjoy the bike. I rarely use more than Level 1 on their pedal assist out of 5 levels since I want to have a...
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    Careful of Dost Bike Co.

    Folks, please don't bash the OP if they didn't reply back here. They may have started the thread and then when they were not satisfied, they quickly left. Many of you are dedicated forum members, but some are not, or we start up and then forget. I posting here now because I've been trying to...