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    I hate to say it, but almost everyone may be a "cheater" these days...

    I love how you can say funny things with such a straight face!
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    I hate to say it, but almost everyone may be a "cheater" these days...

    I'm well over 100 years old (not really). I remember back in the early 20th century when the horse was "the king of the road". As new modes of transportation improved life for humans and horses, an occasional horse rider would shout "GET A HORSE" to automobile drivers AND bicycle riders. Next...
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    Low Inventory offer

    Not yet.
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    Low Inventory offer

    Poor choice of words on their part or they doing something funny? Was ready to order 2 of the Sports, but didn't do it, seems like they reserve the right to charge you more $$ once they ship "Prices are subject to change depending on delivery date."
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    Pace 350 & 500 Tubes Shows to be in stock when I just checked
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    Pace 500/350 Assembly Tips

    Yes, I did. Did you grease the seat post as they suggest? I had to remove the grease and it stopped going down less often.
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    Wider tires

    Yes, several people have done that size without any issues. Schwalbe Super Moto X tire is one of the models someone used. If you do Facebook, join the Aventon group and do a search for tires and you'll find some posts regarding 2.8".
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    Aventon quality and reliability

    Have 2 of the Pace 500 models. Only problem was a rear wheel spoke broke on 1 bike (heavy rider), Aventon sent thicker spokes, I paid a bike shop to install them, no problems since. Great bikes, and lightweight compared to others. The hydraulic brakes stop you well, battery lasts long time...
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    Ride Quality of Pace 500

    Ride quality is good. We have 2 500s. Find the right tire pressure and you'll be fine on different surfaces. I keep mine around 30 to 40 for a softer ride. If you are aware of the takeoff in PAL 1, it is a very good thing. When taking off from a stop, especially at an intersection is where is...
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    Pace 500 1st review

    Medium size frame step thru is perfect for 5'11", plus the seat and handlebars are very adjustable on the 500. I bought 2 for us without seeing one in person and couldn't be happier.
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    Motor, bike type

    Thumb throttle is very light to engage, but one pic shows using index finger. There is room to move it to right side, but might have to place it to the left of the shifter. If seriously considering an Aventon, I would call and talk to them about any concerns or questions, they have always been...
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    Motor, bike type

    Hub drive will be fine. I was hell bent on getting a mid-drive, but glad I went with this bike. I highly recommend the Aventon Pace 500. I am 290 lbs, 6'2", not in great shape, and have a 2.5 mile ride to work, all uphill. Couldn't do it on a regular bike unless I wanted to show up at work...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Aventon Products + Help, Solutions, & Fixes

    My wife is 5'11" and is very comfortable on the 500 step thru in medium.
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    Las Vegas, NV new member

    Hi, Have enjoyed reading and searching through many posts on this marvelous online community. FedEx is delivering an Aventon Pace 500 (500w hub, 48v, hyd brakes, sand color, XL) to me today. First taste of an ebike was around 11 years ago with an Izip Trailz from Toys R Us on sale for $380...