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  1. Trinity

    Promax V-Brake "loose" and Power Cutoff

    My Neo Volt uses mechanical PROMAX V-BRAKES. I'm noticing that the right (rear) brake lever has some up/down "looseness" to it. The brakes still work well, but the lever doesn't feel solid. I'm not sure what this is called. Someone said it's "free play", but YouTubes seem to use free play to...
  2. Trinity

    Winter battery cover FLIR One measurements.

    I'm a bit late arriving to this thread ... but thank you, Joergen8 for sharing your analysis. (For some reason, my browser doesn't show any of your images.) From what I can tell... I think I should be "safe" to ride in the summer WITH my spare battery carrier strapped on top of the active...
  3. Trinity

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    Here is an updated photo .... I've removed the gaffer tape and used PLASTI-DIP to cover the branding ... Not a perfect match, but happy with the results.
  4. Trinity

    Remove Easy Motion

    Here is the PLASTI-DIP photo .... It actually works really well despite the mismatch in appearance. The original factory finish is a very glossy clear coat. The Plasti-Dip, even with Glossifier, cannot mimic the glossy clear coat. But given the "removability" and already mismatched custom...
  5. Trinity

    Remove Easy Motion

    Thanks @mamerc .... I bought some Plasti-dip at HomeDepot Canada $23. :confused: YouTubes show "Fonzie" applying minimum 4 coats!! Is that really necessary? Did you get a noticeable bump edge at the masking? Is that why you added the pinstripe trim?
  6. Trinity

    Remove Easy Motion

    Sorry for reviving an old thread .... I think I will try replacing the ghetto gaffer tape I'm using (see photo) with black Plasti-Dip. My question to @mamerc is ... "How durable is the Plasti-Dip?" Would the Velcro straps of my Spare Battery Carrier shred and peel the Plasti-Dip? Thanks...
  7. Trinity

    Let's see your best pic of your electric bicycle

    Has anyone here used PLASTIDIP spray ? I'd like to try something like it (instead of the gaffer tape that I'm currently using) to "black out" the EasyMotion branding.
  8. Trinity

    Spare Battery Carrier

    Updating this old thread with a photo of my custom-made Spare Battery Bag for the EasyMotion Neo Volt. I made a detailed drawing for the bag and designed it to my specifications. It is secured by four Velcro straps. Very secure. Protecting (both) the batteries and...
  9. Trinity

    Is there a way to charge phone from Easy Motion bike?

    Little bit of trolling here .... Why is 30-hour battery life inadequate ??
  10. Trinity

    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    Forgot to mention in my last post .... "Solid axle locks use a different key than quick release locks." -
  11. Trinity

    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    I'm happy with my PINHEADLOCKS front axle pinhead and seatpost collar pinhead (to protect my Thudbuster/BrooksSaddle). I've suggested to local friends that if they choose to order PINHEADLOCKS, to get the same Keys. That way, if I lose a key, at least I know a friend has one nearby rather than...
  12. Trinity

    Spare Battery Carrier

    Thanks, @Ebike Commuter ... I recently figured out a way to carry the spare battery. Like your suggestion to use a pannier ... I've done so with a pannier as far back as possible on a separate seat post rack. I have to remove my trunk bag (see my avatar) and then use the pannier instead. I...
  13. Trinity

    Bicycle Camera Setup

    Very cool !!!
  14. Trinity

    Rear view mirrors

    Agree with others... the MIRRYCLE is one of the best (must-have) accessories that I've purchased ...
  15. Trinity

    Timer for protecting battery when charging

    Not sure if it was a "freak" occurrence, but on ONE occasion, I finished charging the battery and disconnected the charger from the wall, but NOT the battery. To my dismay, the battery drained with this arrangement. I wonder if this might happen when the timer cuts power to the charger. I...
  16. Trinity

    Just bought!

    @Court posted a video review of it ... Be careful unlocking the battery ... LOL
  17. Trinity

    Just bought!

    I noticed that the Benelli Classica is available at COSTCO ... So maybe that will mean a lot of new Benelli owners!
  18. Trinity

    FEIYU-TECH G4 Gimbal for GoPro4

    I just watched this unboxing and quick review .... voice sounds vaguely familiar ... hmm.... @Court, could you share some video with the Gimbal "mounted" onto the handlebars of your e-bike? I'm curious how well it would handle road bumps and swaying. THANKS !!
  19. Trinity

    Spare Battery Carrier

    Thanks, @K. Jones ... I did see this when it was first posted. If the (curved) Neo battery fits, then it might be the solution. Then I would need something else for other gear, since I wouldn't be able to use my trunk bag anymore. Just can't satisfy some people... Sheesh !!! LOL
  20. Trinity

    Electric Bike Carrier Racks

    He's charging his car.