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    Display on phone kph to mph

    On opening screen, bottom right corner YOU Then setting GEAR upper right hand corner then UNITS.
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    I am putting it up for the winter. Do I keep the battery (about 60% charged now) inside for the winter? Anything else?

    Inflate your tires to upper range of psi recommendations as printed on your tires, have your tires resting on small pieces of wood (not concrete or dirt flooring) and empty or remove unnecessary weight from bike.
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    Mid Michigan

    Mid Michigan
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    E-Bikes On Legal, Paved Trails

    OP posted, “Anyway, is anybody on here experiencing that where e-bikes are permitted, but you are avoiding trails because of what others think?” Oh hell no. Our “job” as bikers or e-bikers is to follow the proper rules so we can enjoy the ride we’re doing today and the one we want to next...
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    Non-hitch bike rack for two 35lb ebikes

    If the Forester is anything like the Outback an OEM hitch is expensive and the labor for the install is very expensive; the rear bumper must be removed to install an OEM hitch.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Hall of Justice at the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan during Covid.
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    Proper seats/saddles (especially for an e-bike)

    In every single bicycle forum I’ve ever read someone always seeks advice on bicycle seats. There is no right answer from someone since your butt is yours. There is no such thing as a comfortable bicycle seat; there’s only less uncomfortable bicycle seats. I’ve been cycling for 42 years and...
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    Your experiences with the new Mahle MySmartBike app (replacement for Ebikemotion)

    MySmartBike app on my iPhone is very reliable; I’m challenged however on how to delete prior rides saved on My activities. How do you delete or unsave prior rides?
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    Aftermarket carbon frameset that fits Mahle X35 system...

    I think finding a carbon frame upgrade would be very challenging. The rear dropouts for the motor axels are probably custom made for Orbea e-bikes.
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    Your experiences with the new Mahle MySmartBike app (replacement for Ebikemotion)

    Thanks, you confirmed by thinking, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.
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    Your experiences with the new Mahle MySmartBike app (replacement for Ebikemotion)

    I purchased my Bianchi e-rode bike in early 2020 and used the Ebikemotion app on my iPhone and when Mahle entered the picture the app was changed to MySmartBike. Both apps provided the limited functions I needed and had absolutely no problems linking iPhone to bike, motor maps and battery...
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    Experience Thread: A noobie getting into a specialized vado 5.0 IGH

    Dear Diary: I’m getting another ebike and can’t wait to share EVERY detail ad nauseam to the internet world.
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    Greetings from MI.

    Get bike replaced. I’d guess it would take longer to diagnose the problem, get the parts and then repair the problem.
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    Your experiences with the new Mahle MySmartBike app (replacement for Ebikemotion)

    It’s my understanding that the Mahle custom motor map is the setting you set on the Ebikemotion app with the three vertical bars. The Mahle app has added three default preset levels and continued with the adjustable custom settings. The wattage values haven’t changed and I, like you, feel less...
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    Ebikemotion X35 expectations on steep hills

    You can expect your best hill climbing capabilities by spinning with or without an e-motor, especially with the X35 motor. Typically prior to my X-35 I was, like you, I was a plodder. I’ve developed a more spinning technique that brings out the best of the X-35. The motor isn’t a high torque...
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    off topic, mostly

    My Bianchi Aria E-Road bike helped me transition back to my mountain bike and tandem after two knee replacements. My old road bike is gathering dust though.
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    How accurate is the Range in the Mahle app

    A single rider data point of battery usage isn’t a useful metric due to the variables you noted. Now the OP has two data points that conflict with his Orbea Vibe range report of 19 miles with full battery charge. That was my primary response to his concern. By chance do you use a smart phone...
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    How accurate is the Range in the Mahle app

    In 2021 I’ve kept track of percentage of battery usage per mile on 11 rides covering over 260 miles on flat roads with an average speed between 14 and 18 miles per hour. The cumulative average was 1.23% of battery power per mile. The best single ride was .83% and the worst was 1.67%. Your 19...
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    If the kayaker was going down river that would be cheating vs. going up river!
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    X35 to x35Plus upgrade

    As I’m not tech savvy what are the advantages with the ANT+ connectivity (with Garmin) vs. the smart phone Ebikemotion app with EBM maps loaded?