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  1. Achterbahn

    Criteria: Mid-Drive, Belt Drive, Class 3—what bike do you pick?

    I am not going to weigh in directly but what I'll say is if you have any Current specific questions, I'd be happy to help. While I'd love if it came with suspension, I can't really say I miss it. Partially because I added a suspension seatpost from the day I got it. Suspension stems are also...
  2. Achterbahn

    Considering buying the Current, how hard is it to get the electronics repaired

    Unfortunately it's the same deal as with most direct to consumer bikes. If you are lucky and never run into issues, it's a dream. If you run into mechanical issues (e.g. shifting, brakes, tires, etc), many LBS would gladly fix it for you. However, if you run into issues with the electronics...
  3. Achterbahn

    Priority Bikes at Costco

    It really depends on your usage profile. I consistently get around 30 miles per charge, using a lot of level 3 and 2, having the bike for a year and a half. I know a lot of folks that get better range, in the 40-50 miles, that like to put more of their own effort to it and use lower assist levels.
  4. Achterbahn

    Priority Bicycles just launched the most affordable Gates belt mid-drive e-bike

    You can still get it at 2700 if you are a Costco member.
  5. Achterbahn

    New Biker Blunder

    Good learning! Also worth mentioning that riding with very low pressure can give you a flat tire in no time.
  6. Achterbahn

    Priority just released a second battery option for the Current.

    It is! The bottom of the drop tube is essentially the battery.
  7. Achterbahn

    Priority just released a second battery option for the Current.

    Yes! This has always been an option, but it is known to be hard to get. It's often out of stock, or only one color is available. Right now, for example, only white is available.
  8. Achterbahn

    Accessories for Priority current? Racks and Suspension options

    I have this one Paid $38 at the time I have a Thudbuster ST as suspension seatpost. I unfortunately never tried the bike without it, so I can speak much to how better it is
  9. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Have you tried asking Priority about it? Casually shooting them a message saying you're a Costco member but wanted the Enviolo?
  10. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Yes, in gear inches. Honestly, I never understood that claim either. I also have never ridden the Enviolo Current, so I can't even compare what it feels in real life :/
  11. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    You can refer to this chart to understand the gearing differences.
  12. Achterbahn

    Truckrun 500 Watt Mid drive

    It also has a throttle, which the Current doesn't.
  13. Achterbahn

    Sub $3000 Leisure/Commuter Bike For Hilly Area [Final Choice: Priority Current]

    Glad it was useful! Enjoy the new bike! I'm happy you liked it! Unless you're running it at max assistance, you can definitely make it on a single charge. I wouldn't worry about that. Yes, you can shift gears - that part is purely mechanical. When the battery is out what you lose is the...
  14. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    You might also realize that, although heavy, pedaling feels incredibly smooth without any assist. Even more so than with it.
  15. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Looks like we have a nice little community of Current owners. Great to see that!
  16. Achterbahn

    Changing a Flat on Priority Current Help

    Since they said it's stuck in 5th gear, I will assume it's the Shimano.
  17. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Glad to hear you had a good time! And yes, those lower gears sure come in handy in SF :) I use mine for shorter trips (10 mile round-trip) and I love it! When coming back from work at night I prefer to kick assist up to level 3 and cruise. No need to further tire myself after a long day at work!
  18. Achterbahn

    Changing a Flat on Priority Current Help

    I'm assuming the video they sent you is this one: I think the most effective way to solve this is to set up a help call with Priority. I'm sure they'd be willing to hop on a video call with you and walk you through what needs to be fixed,
  19. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Everyone that mentions specific gears (e.g. 1, 2, 5) has the Shimano, since the Enviolo has no gear numbers - this includes me. Your experience is more like mine: city riding is dangerous, and I don't feel comfortable doing 25+ knowing someone can cross the street at any moment and I'd have to...
  20. Achterbahn

    Who's got a Current?

    Happy to have helped with some of your decisions! This is everyone's feedback so far. I think they made a mistake marketing this bike as 28mph. The motor itself can handle 28mph, but the gearing makes it uncomfortable to sustain it if you're not used to high pedaling cadence. I use gears 1-3 A...