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    No information on the Jasion e bikes -too new ?

    I’ve seen some a couple in my neighborhood riding these step through folders ( EB7- ST) , but unable to speak to them about their e bikes. I’m curious about this brand. I’ve read a few reviews. No info under e-bikes by brand name on this forum. Anyone have these? Quality?, any opinions about...
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    How many miles can you expect a e-bike that costs 1k last ?

    I realize there are a lot of variables but generally speaking for a middle of the road cost/ brand and how it’s used. How many miles could I expect the electrics ( especially) to last ? Other than battery, what goes first and at what milage.
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    What goes bad in a rear hub ? Assuming decent quality part.

    Let’s say one of the more known e-bike companies hub goes out. What usually breaks ?
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    Recommended air pump to carry on bike

    I already have some small CO 2 bottles I carry on my regular bike. I do know the 3” x 20” tires on my new upcoming purchase will require more air than I’m used to putting in. So -if I top off or just use a manual air pump to begin with, what’s lighter to carry/ use ?. what do you guys carry ? I...
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    Handlebar diameter at the grips 7/8”?

    Thanks for the replies. I have (2) step through brand/model e-bikes I have narrowed down to purchase. The Lectric 3.0 step through being one of them. Checking so I know what I have in my bags of goods to hang on to. Thanks
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    Handlebar diameter at the grips 7/8”?

    I know the bars are 1-1/4” at the center where they go through the stem. They taper down and I’m checking if anyone can verify for sure what diameter the bar ends are. Thanks for your time and posts.
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    XP 3.0 folding step through E-bike rear basket size(s)

    If I might ask, what are the dimensions of the rear basket(s) available for the XP 3.0 Step through e bike. Weather OEM ( Lectric brand ) or other. I’m wanting to carry a spare battery w/me. The battery bag I bought (a nice one ) is 18” long. I’d like to strap this down in the rear basket of...
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    Physical size of battery that fits the Portola folding e-bike

    Thanks. I already bought a case/ bag like the above post. So no matter what e-bike end up with, I will be able to transport an extra battery. Thanks
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    Does the XP 3.0 folding e bike have walk mode ?

    Well duh, there it is on the left side of the controller along with cruise, PAS. Just overlooked it, sorry.
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    Does the XP 3.0 folding e bike have walk mode ?

    I’ve looked at the manual, maybe I’ve overlooked it. I don’t know how to activate walk mode if it does have the feature. Thanks for you time.
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    Lectric XP 3.0 step through handle bar diameter @ clamp and stem.

    Wait… I think I spotted 28.6 mm (1-1/8”) printed on the stem/post at the bottom . The post that sc00ter posted. Thanks
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    Lectric XP 3.0 step through handle bar diameter @ clamp and stem.

    Thanks for the replies. So the bar center diameter is 1.250” (1-1/4”). Great. I still need to know the diameter of the stem/ post itself as clamps come is various sizes. Thanks
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    How wide ( inches) are the OEM bars on XP 3.0 folder

    Can someone tell me the width of the stock handlebars on the XP 3.0 folding e-bike ? I haven’t bought the bike yet. Just would like to know in advance. Also are most happy with the shape, pull back,etc of the stock bars ? I realize bars are subjective like most things. Just interested.
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    20” x 3” E-bike tires

    Replacement tires for e-bikes w/20” x 3” tires. Other than OEM ( which may be the best replacement) what are you running for general hike/bike trails, crushed granite, paved, packed dirt ( some) general usage. Looking For opinions on brands, wear, price, how they handle, etc. thanks for your...
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    Cafe clamp/lock for XP 3.0 folder.

    I know these type of locks only prevent someone from rolling it away. Still, if I’m in sight distance/restaurant outside, this would be ok I think. Are any available/fit over the 3” tires ? If I go into a grocery store, I will use a chain or similar. Thanks. And any other suggestions welcome.
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    Lectric XP 3.0 step through handle bar diameter @ clamp and stem.

    I don’t have the bike yet. But would like to know-Are the handle bars 1-1/8” or 1-1/4” diameter in center where the clamp goes. Also what is the diameter of the stem. Thinking of an adjustable neck, want to get the correct one. Thanks for your replies.
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    Does the Portola folding e-bike have “ walk mode”.

    Still kicking around specs/ info on e-bike we are considering purchasing. Looks like the Portola would work well for us. A question though. Unless I overlooked it on the specs, does this bike have “ walk mode”. Is this feature real important to have ? Thanks for your replies.
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    Physical size of battery that fits the Portola folding e-bike

    Hello. Potential future buyer of two Portola folding e-bikes. I realize I can contact Ride 1up and ask this question however, can any owner give us the dimensions of the battery so I can buy a padded bag to transport the spare(s) on our bikes. Is the long range battery the same physical size as...
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    4” x 20” VS 3” x 20” tires Pros/ Cons

    I’m considering (2) different brands of E- bikes for purchase in a couple months. One -the (Lectric XP 3.0 folding, the other - the Adventon Sinch Folding model) the first comes w/ 3” wide x 20” tires, and the second w/4” x 20” tires. I realize bigger tire = more drag but better in deep sand...
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    Question about brakes on any/ all bicycles with rim or disc brakes

    I’m in the process of selling my last MC. It has conventional ( no ABS) brakes. I am so used to these (55+ yrs riding), I don’t have to think about how much pressure I use on both front/ rear. My newer motorscooter of course has both brakes operated by handlebar levers ( no foot pedal). Typical...