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    Another 300 Mile Step-Thru Report

    Thanks for the responses. Good points on the mirrors. It really is an individual preference thing. As of Thursday I had my step through for exactly 3 weeks and am now at 400 miles. I get on the thing and just ride. Only riding issue now is I’ve just got to get a softer saddle. Sitting as...
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    Another 300 Mile Step-Thru Report

    Oh yes, also purchased a Mirrycle rear view mirror, about $20.
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    Another 300 Mile Step-Thru Report

    Had my Step Through for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Got it from stock the first call, but had to wait almost 2 weeks for delivery. Set it up myself since there isn't a Velofix within a hundred miles. Went together very easily. I, too ride for pleasure. At age 73 I use it to cruise the island and...
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    The real deal?

    I've owned the Rad City step-through for 9 days. I've put 250 miles on in that time and I am thrilled with my purchase. I visited the local Pedego dealer and chose the Rad, primarily for the savings. The two biggest differences off the top of my head. The Pedego comes fully assembled from...
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    New Bike Announcements

    Just released the changes for 2019. A new step-through, this one in black. New rear gear set-up. Ratios will be 11-34, should create a more resistive pedaling sensation at higher speeds. Tires will have anti-flat characteristics (Kevlar ?) belting and will have reflective sidewalls. Rear...
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    100 Miles

    I feel for you. Originally from the Iron Range of Minnesota. Used to go to the U. P. to ski jump (iron mountain?). Hang in there, another 6 - 8 months and most of the snow will be gone.
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    100 Miles

    Got my Step-Through late Wednesday and spent that evening watching and rewatching the assembly video and putting the bike together. Could have been faster..but I’m a bit anal, I’m told. In the five days since I’ve put 100 miles on the bike and I am thrilled. Living in Hilton Head, the only...
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    Just ordered my Rover....

    Can an aftermarket headlamp wired into the bike’s electrical system create a major drain on the battery! Could it even do damage to the controller? Would such a change effect the warranty! I’m not an electrical engineer, clearly.
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    Mini-Swap Front Light?

    Is there a name for our connector type? Something to use for searching for an aftermarket products?
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    Oh, Oh!

    My bike arrived today, just as I was getting home from golf. Great timing. Took me about 3 hours to assemble, but only because I watched and rewatched the assembly video as I went step by step. Could have done it in an hour or less, but did not want to rush and screw something up. Got done...
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    RadCity 1200 mile report (new owner)

    What size hex nut is being adjusted in the rear brake?
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    Using an Apple Watch (v3 or v4) for ride+health stats?

    I’ve had an A Watch for a few years. Just got the new one (4)and it has its own GPS so you don’t need to carry your phone. I’m on Hilton Head so my rides are flat but the watch tracks mileage, heart rate, speed and seems to be quite accurate. I do about 20 miles several times a week and it...
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    Upgrade HMI?

    Well, I just found it on E-bay for about $91
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    Upgrade HMI?

    I looked this up and the specs are interesting. I could not find a price or purchasing channel. Any idea what it might sell for?
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    Oh, Oh!

    Got on Rad’s website and unfortunately they had the step-through in stock. I accidentally ordered one. That’s my story and SHE said she bought it so here we are. I’ll find out in a week or so if I’m capable of handling “Some assembly required”.
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    I discovered a podcast that talks about the current and potential impact e-bikes, scooters, etc are having and will potentially have on the urban commuting scene. The podcast is called “Micromobility” and it is by a man named Horace Dedieu. He’s a professor, at I think Harvard, who specializes...
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    Out of Stock

    To clarify. The first page of Rad’s web site shows that the bike is available. When you click on the RadCity Step-through photo for details it show that the bike is not in stock. I checked all models and this is the only one not available for immediate shipping. It could be, I suppose that...
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    Out of Stock

    The step through is listed as “Out of Stock”. Has this happened often in the past, and is there a normal time to replenish stock? I assume these are made by some kind of contract mfg company and Rad may be at the top or bottom of their list of priorities.
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    New Models

    When we’re the 2018 models introduced? When will we find out what changes will be made in 2019?