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    Cube Kathmandu - adjustable stem, but how?

    So today my wife finally collected her new Cube Kathmandu SLX750 and very nice it is too! Just doing some fine tuning to her riding position and the need to lower the angle of the stem down a touch. I was assuming that as there are two Allen bolts in the stem it would just be a case of undoing...
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    Hello from Worcestershire!

    It has been said before.....;)
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    Hello from Worcestershire!

    Indeed, the Cotswolds is just a skip and a hop away, stunning part of the UK
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    Hello from Worcestershire!

    New to the forum and collecting our first ebike for my wife this coming weekend, 2023 Cube Kathmandu SLX. I already have a load of questions lined up about it and she hasn't got it yet....🤣