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    I'm looking for the best Lectric bike lock to lock 2 bikes on our trips to town. Any recommendations ?
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    Novel Coronavirus discussions

    Praying for all those infected and for protection of those who are not.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Lectric eBikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I received my Bike 3 days before the posted arrival time. I had no dents, no loose fenders, no broken bolts, no scratches and the pedals were level and I couldn't tighten them a millimeter they were so tight. I had slight bend in headlight mounting bracket that could be easily corrected with...
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    Tire pressure

    Thanks for quick response! 25 psi sounds like the number for my riding conditions.
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    Tire pressure

    Newbie here to the forum and got my XP today. What's recc. tire pressure for most comfortable ride on asphalt?