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    Enviolo users - can you shift while pedaling?

    I had a hard to shift issue developed with my Priority Current enviolo shifter after ~ 2 years of use. I replaced the shifter as Priority was kind enough to send me a new one free of charge (~ a $35 value). Not saying this is the issue you're having with your shifter, but I found the cable had...
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    Rode my acoustic today.

    Nice pics! What brand and model is the Saddle shown on the bike in the pictures?
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    It's this handlebar extension from Amazon.
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    Thanks. You are very observant! You are correct. I first had the rack that Priority sells. I purchased the Ibera rack to replace the one from Priority and used the mounting arms from the one Priority sells with the Ibera rack. 4mm is what you need for the seat stay clamp.
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    Phone Mount Suggetions?

    Yes. I had bought mine on Amazon. You should be able to catch a Holiday sale.
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    Phone Mount Suggetions?

    By 'flip to film' they mean using the thumb screw option that comes in the box to install the mount on the handlebar. This way no tool is required to adjust the mount. See this video
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    Phone Mount Suggetions?

    Another option is the Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount. It's what I use with their excellent iPhone Everyday case. Peak Design sells cases for Apple, Samsung and Google devices. Unfortunately, their products are not inexpensive, but are usually well designed. The Mous Evolution Cycle mount and...
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    Better late than never! Here is a picture of the Como handlebar on my bike from a side view.
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    Optional Tire Sizes for Current

    A couple of comments: 1. My understanding is that the 650b tire width is 47mm - this is the width of the WTB Horizon Road Plus tire that came on my Current purchased in 2020. 2. 2.8" would likely be much too large. I believe ~ 2.0" is about the max tire width that would fit with fenders and...
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    I'm loving the Como handlebar. The 30-degree back sweep of the Como handlebar with the appropriate seat post height and adjustment of the Current adjustable stem should allow you to achieve a comfortable moderate to fully upright riding position. I won't be able to post a picture until next week...
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    The Turn Signal

    I've been fairly happy with these turn signals on my bike; however, I had purchased mine from aliexpress for a little less than the prices. The controller that came with mine uses one CR2032 battery, which seems to last for at least 3 to 4 months of every day use of the controller. I...
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    31.6mm is the the size you need. I have the Redshift Suspension Seatpost, which I am happy with. It comes in 27.2mm diameter, so you would also need to order it with the 27.2 to 31.6mm seatpost shim. Others to check out would are the Cane Creek eeSilk+ or the one from Kinekt. There are others...
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    I don't have one yet, but a suspension stem might be cheaper and simpler way to get some more comfort riding on bumpy roads.
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    Stuff I added to my Priority Current

    Bingo! It was the LIG507. So far very happy with it. Not sure if the best way to describe it, but what I can say is that it made the front tire tracking feel tighter and more sure footed compared to the quick release.
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    Gates Belt Tension Tool

    I bought the same one on Here's a Video on how to use it.
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    Priority Current and Tannus Inserts

    I strongly agree with this recommendation. You shouldn't go too low to avoid potential for pinch flats and too high can be a harsh ride (a suspension seatpost helps with high tire pressure in the rear). One my bike I now use 45 psi on the front and 55 psi rear. I also us FlatOut in my rear tire...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Priority Bicycles Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I'm still using the pedals the bike came with. So far, no issues with pedal strike. Like you I do think about and try to avoid pedal strikes during turns.
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    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    Yes, I reused the grips.
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    Priority Current Shimano 5 speed - First impressions

    You'd need to have some basic tools and be mechanically inclined to want to do the work yourself or you could have a bike shop do it for you. I swapped out my handlebar with one from Specialized that I ordered from a local bike shop that carries Specialized bicycles. The Specialized handlebar...