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    Bafang BBSO2 motor keeps going

    Will order them for sure but probably won’t solve the main issue
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    Bafang BBSO2 motor keeps going

    Hi, I have a bbso2 mid drive on a yuba cargo bike. It was recently serviced (regreased and packed) and was working ok for a couple of rides, then suddenly the motor wouldn't cut out when I stopped pedaling and would just keep charging onwards. I can shut the motor off by turning pas down to 0...
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    I ride a Yuba Mundo Lux cargo bike and after a couple of years pulling the kids around on it, added a bafang bbso2 to help with the weight. Overall it has been great but definitely notice the bafang is hard on the bike and wears on everything from my drivetrain to brakes and front hub. Love my...