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    10.000 km with the SuperDelite 2020 (and counting)

    I had to replace belt and sprockets 600km ago (i.e. at a bit more than 18000km), and this was due to my riding a lot in Winter 19/20 and last autumn with wet&dirty roads and track which consequently led to a lot of gunk on the bike and the belt. Have time to write now because with the amount of...
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    10.000 km with the SuperDelite 2020 (and counting)

    Of course, your bike mechanic should be competent enough to correctly tension the belt when you get it in the shop...
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    10.000 km with the SuperDelite 2020 (and counting)

    Counter is now at 18933km And that is the major reason I was so remiss in posting here. I am just spending most of my free time on the SuperDelite. In the long average of the first year I averaged a bit more than 50km each calendary day. At my average 120 Watt in "Tour" that equates to about...
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    Superdelite pros and cons - Worth it the extra weight?

    The medium and large Deliite frames accept the 625WH battery (MY2021), the SuperDelite frames accept it in the lower battery. I regularly ride my Superdelite 2020 well more than 50km. I will post on range later on in "my" thread but for now the TLDR: range is relative and you cannot have too...
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    New gates products

    Would be interesting to know whether the new sprockets can be retrofitted to my 2020 SuperDelite. The way I am going I will need to replace the origninals in two years or sooner.
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    [SuperDelite] Strange noise from rear brake?

    Wow - wouldn't have thought that the entire wheel was misaligned... So effectively it was a misaligned disk, only that the wheel was misaligned too.
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    Charging iPhone while riding via USB port on Kiox

    I use a micro USB-B to micro USB-B cable. Works, even with the micro USB-A slot at the Kiox. The cable is unidirectional for power though, so I have to take care to use it the right way around.
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    [SuperDelite] Strange noise from rear brake?

    That "singing" in a dry brake is usually a sign of a brake pad which all but lost its coating. Should not happen after only 100km though, but I had this happen early once in my old Charger when a grain (or more) of sand was caught in the brake and chafed away the coating very early (well before...
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    How do Rock Razor tires work on paved road?

    I originally used the Rock Razors on my 2020 SuperDelite GX Rohloff. I did have one puncture quite early and have been packing a small emergency kit ever since: 1 can of puncture slime, 1 small air pump and several folded paper towels, all in a sealed 1 liter plastic bag. Never had to use this...
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    What computer for a Superdelite?

    I use an ultra-cheap (<70€ incl. 19% German VAT) Chinese 7" Android tablet runnig komoot and the bosch e-bike connect apps. Works ok with the Kiox, epecially since the June update of the Kiox software. Some comfort is missing though, the cheap tablet only has a basic GPS, no electronic compass...
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    10.000 km with the SuperDelite 2020 (and counting)

    Counter is now at 10962km. To clarify the belt issue from my last post in the review comments: The Gates Belt ridges have a notch in the middle which corresponds to a central ridge on the sprockets that divides them in two. What happened was that on stopping the belt jumped this ridge on the...
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    10.000 km with the SuperDelite 2020 (and counting)

    Finally made it to posting here as well. First, to pick up, my posts from the SuperDelite Review comments:
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    Superdelite - How many miles are you getting on brake pads?

    I am on my third set of brake pads and will need to change again next week (another 800km or so). By my experience the brake pads need to be changed every 3.000-3.500km or so. I was a bit remiss with the last change though.