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    Why Container Ships Can’t Sail Around the California Ports Bottleneck

    Awhile back it was the independent truckers the port wanted to get rid of, having put a big dent in that they decided mandating cleaner trucks was the new wrench in the works. Now, rather then phase the changes in in an efficiant manner they want it all now so, combine the idiot political...
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    What's the best way to check my spokes?

    The quick way is to pinch a pair of spokes a bit above where they cross and feel the tension, they should all feel the same. After that, grab the seat stay with your knuckle almost touching the rim, give the wheel a spin checking for true. Takes less than a couple minutes, I do it after every...
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    MTB 'Type' Riders (But Not Really Into Hard Riding) Poll

    Started out with a Stingray, then wore out about 20 grand worth of road bikes getting really freakin fit. Started mountain biking, wore out another 10 grand in bikes and busted parts. Then dirt bikes took over, yep, another 15 grand in bikes and gear. So now that I'm getting old and scared I...
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    What The Europeans Have Planned For The EMTB World

    Not to change the subject but, I have an old Ventana FS I've been riding for the last 25 years. I put a big Bafang 750 mid drive on it an tuned it up to 1000w with a whopping 4" of travel and XT V brakes. Y'all want to talk about controling big power on a REAL mountain bike in the tight stuff...
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    Wheel size

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    Wheel size

    When entering 26 into the wheel size setting on my Ultra 1000, I couldn't help but notice the huge difference in diameter between the rim and the outside of the mounted 26x4 tire. As I recall from the old days a typical 26x2 MB tire would ad somewhere between 3 and 4 inches to the rim diameter...
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    Are you waiting on a new ebike delivery? How long were you told it would take?

    Just received my Biktrix Ultra Pro, site said 2 weeks, got it in three after it sat in customs for a week.
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    Chain length

    Greetings, first post. I'm awaiting the delivery of a Ultra 1000 Pro and I'm using the time to order general maintenance items and high wear spar parts. Right now I'm looking at chains. how many links should I buy for the shram system?