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    Any New Batteries for Neo Jumper?

    You may want to try and invent a way to carry an extra battery on the tope tube of our bike, Im going to try it.
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    Tern Vektron or Riese and Muller Tinker?

    I like those bikes but they are way too expensive. I have the Neo volt sport and the Neo Prox. Just asking, why do you want a new bike?
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    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Awesome...I will take a closer look at the Sduro. This is good information considering you have both bikes.I will eventually get a Haibike hardtail just because I like to have the best and I do love the bosh drive system but until then I will be riding my 30 speed Jumper which is an awesome bike...
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    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    I have more than enough torque with my Easy motion bikes and a throttle option. I think all bikes should have at least a push button or thumb throttle with a 8mph limit for saftey reasons. Like if you get hurt on the trails at least you could get home or to a hospital.It be sad to get hurt to...
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    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Well on my Neo Numper 650B I travled 50 miles in economy before the battery went dead. It took me 2 days to do this test. That included climbing 2 steep overpasses and half a mile in florida sand.
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    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Wow that says alot about the Easy Motion bikes....I have 3....The neo jumper 2014 black edition which is awesome and I can climb any hill in Economy......any hill, the neo volt, and the neo prox. And i love the throttle ! I have right at 4000 miles betwen the 3 bikes and I am still shocked at...
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    Are you still there sir?

    Are you still there sir?
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    Nitro 48v battery on Neo 36v bikes.

    Hey Undercover bro are you still on this forum ,I have a question for you ?
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    EasyMotion Neo Volt Sport

    I have a neo volt sport and I weigh 205 and in the lowest level of assist I traveled 65 real awesome
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    Easy Motion USA Introduction

    Hello what is a light Charger? I have 2 easy motion bike ,the 650b neo jumper and the neo volt sport.
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    EasyMotion Neo Volt Sport

    I now have 54 miles on my volt and I have 2 bars left on the battery which I have only charged once but I use the pedal assist sparingly as well as the throttle. This bike rides like a full sized bike! I really don't see how it could ride any better.
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    EasyMotion Neo Volt Sport

    I just wanted to say that I bought my neo volt a couple of weeks ago and it is awesome!