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    Handlebar bag reccomendation Turbo Vado (2021) with mount

    Thanks to you both for these ideas! I plan to use 5ml-7ml capacity bag.
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    Handlebar bag reccomendation Turbo Vado (2021) with mount

    What do you reccomend for a handle bar bag? I have a Turbo Vado (2021) and the handle bar section by the computer is not completely round. I have tried Topeak bags with their mount (Fixer 8e), but it didn't work to attach b/c it wasn't round. Ortleib has a different mount system that looks...
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    Topeak TETRARACK M1 for 2021 Specialized Turbo vado 4.0 step through.

    I am trying to find a front rack for my Vado ebike. I tried the Thule Pack and Pedal which didn't fit well with the fork. I tried the Topeak TETRARACK R1 which wasn't wide enough and didn't fit well with front light above fender. Has anyone tried the Topeak TETRARACK M1 (made for front...
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    Fitting an additional rear light to a Turbo Vado 4

    I also have the Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 (step through) and NITERIDER front and back lights. I just clipped my Nite ridder rear flasher to my helmet (which I always wear) and never had to modify lights on my bike. I simply bought a second handlebar mount. See picture. It is on my left side of...