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    specialized creo 2

    Did the same ride on the same bike at exactly the same temps and the wind was 0 each ride. Rode the Vado 5.0 on Eco. First time we went 32km/hour and had 28% battery left at the end of the journey. Second time we cut the speed by 12 to 20km/hour. Had 57% battery left the second ride.
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    Myth BUSTED: "The Chain Drops On My Specialized E-Bike Because The Chainring Is Praxis WAVE"

    Only ever had one customer with a Praxis issue on a Creo. Put on the little chain guide and no further problems. Changed my cassette to 11-38 or 11-40 on my 2020 Vado 5.0 because I never used the granny gears much. big hills on my commute both ways, but I tend to use Turbo mode for those...
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    specialized creo 2

    Some observations from work/play at a large 46 year old Spesh dealership (as well as several other brands of bikes and motors). I work on and ride both SL motors and regular Vado/Como motors on an everyday basis. I commute 12 km each way several times a week during the nice weather, often taking...
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    Which bike rack?

    Lifelong biker. My heavenly retirement job has been working for the past 15 years at a large bike store north of Toronto. I ride studded electric Norco Bigfoot VLT in the winter, and Como or Vado, and sometimes a Specialized Sequoia, in the summer. We are blessed with great road, mtn and...
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    Tero update to Class 3

    Sorry for my mistake.
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    Round Plugs? Really?

    If you look at the plug, there are two alignment pins on one side and one on the other. Before you plug it in check the alignment. Two pins go forward. I believe most bikes using Rosenberger plug are the same. Pen mark is handy idea too.
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    Turbo Vado Front Rack

    Although quite popular, not everyone uses MIK stuff. I presume this is why several large rack manufacturers offer adapters to accommodate those situations. From what I could find the basket only appears on the Como SL on Spesh's website.
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    Tero update to Class 3

    I would bet the offer is free to original bike purchaser. $55 cost for upgrade is pretty reasonable, seeing as the dealer has to take his time to do this.
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    BH bike truck load at Lenny's. Anyone else catch this on their Instagram?

    Here in certain parts of Canada (I am in Ontario), fat bikes are very alive year round A bit of a niche market, kinda like TT bicycles. Norco makes the Bigfoot with the EP8 motor. A high quality bike with Manitou front fork and very nice components. Nighttime temps the last couple of days around...
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    1UP bike rack

    I think your statement ‘that was a moment’ speaks volumes. Makes your heart skip a beat or two, doesn’t it? 1Up is a beautiful rack, but far too much money to bring to Canada. Instead I bought a Sienna Hybrid so I can carry the bikes safely inside my vehicle.
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    Turbo Vado 5 battery removal issue

    Had the same battery release issue with a couple of bikes. i always felt that the rubber gasket around the battery entrance into the frame was a bit too tight, almost creating a vacuum-like experience. I smeared on a thin coating of dialectric grease that I had on hand, that was compatible with...
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    Delayed rotor order

    I wouldn't be concerned unless you desperately need the rotor this minute. They will be getting their shipment, like every other company out there, but exact dates are sometimes unfortunately hard to pin down these days. I have been waiting for a particular ebike for a year and a half and it...
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    What do you HATE about your fat tires?

    Never regretted it!!
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    Carrying golf clubs on an ebike

    There is a company in Canada..Wike bicycle trailers. Sounds like they make exactly what your looking for.
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    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Does anyone ever use the re-usable capsules? One of the reasons we switched over to a Keurig a couple years ago both at home and at work was the availability of refillable pods, & hoping to help send less stuff to landfill. And there are just too many other great coffees out there to try. Will...
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    Turbo Vado 4.0 2022; Error 513, Full Power Loss

    Where I live there is now 4" of snow on the ground, with more to come. Other than those who need the ebike for transportation, or those with emtn bikes who put studded tires on for the winter, there isn't much ebiking from November to April here. Unless you have other reasons for people to come...
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    Calling all wanna-bee mechanics or the real thing: "crank extractor"

    Creo crank arms use a self-extracting bolt that is specifically torqued. It can be tough to remove due to higher torque settings, and is a left hand thread. Before you fool around with it much more I would check back with your LBS about the 'spare' parts. As Mr Jones shows in the movie...
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    PLANET3 - mechanical e-bike derestriction device.

    Smart shoppers are buying all the consumables for their ebikes...chains, cassettes and chain rings. The really smart ones even have a spare set of jockey wheels. Unfortunately supplies will be hit and miss for a while yet.
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    PLANET3 - mechanical e-bike derestriction device.

    They generally are longer than standard for ebikes.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    You might want to get to your dealer to get your motor bolts properly torqued.