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    UPDATE!!! Battery suddenly died during a ride

    The first thing you need to do is measure the actual battery voltage with a multimeter.
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    Anyone just do a basic ebike conversion

    What kit did you end up using?
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    Which brake first?

    I understand your post now....sorry for the misinterpretation
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    Which brake first?

    A car or truck with four wheels shouldn't be compared to a bike with two wheels. As others have mentioned here, using a front brake only on two wheels can introduce you to the pavement quickly. Rear first followed by the front brake or gentle application of both simultaneously, but in any case...
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    Anyone just do a basic ebike conversion

    I have two bafang rear hub converted bikes (500w) and for the two months and about 200 miles on each they have performed well. I had a good experience with vendor accolmile on amazon for both kits. They offer a rack mount battery.
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    E-Bikes On Legal, Paved Trails

    The area where I live has gradually progressed to be bike friendly. Emphasis has been on paved trails and hard core mountain bike trails. Very little has been done to mix bicycles with traffic. Some temporary bike lanes have been set up to the dismay of motorists. I much prefer the paved...