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    RR5 New Motor Won't Work

    It appears that the wiring harness on the new one is damaged, noticed a nick on one of the small wires. Just put the old one back on with the new tire and it works fine. If I ever need to replace the motor I will repair the wiring.
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    RR5 New Motor Won't Work

    Not what I asked, but since you did. Rad sent me a brand new wheel assembly under warranty because I was having some issues. The problem never got any worse so I continued to use the old one. I needed to replace the rear tire so I thought I would just swap it out with the new one since the bike...
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    RR5 New Motor Won't Work

    Just replaced the rear wheel assembly which includes a new motor. The old one I removed was still working but the new one doesn't. When I press the throttle I can feel a little surge and the display shows some wattage but that is it. Any ideas?
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    How are you guys lifting your ebikes over your truck tailgate pad?

    Or you could just get a folding aluminum ramp and a bike stand instead of that contraption. If you have the shorter bed you would have to remove the front tire anyway to close the tailgate.
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    Added rack, trouble getting on/off bike...

    That is why you want a throttle if you have this problem. It is so easy to stand on the peddle give it a little throttle and swing your leg over for mounting. Same with dismounting, it makes it so much easier.
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    The 4 greatest rock bands ever

    1.Pink Floyd (In their own universe) 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Deep Purple 4. Queen ( Not a big fan of but I know how great they were)
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    Prince Harry on a Rad

    Trying to get away from you know who.
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    Solutions for transporting and securing bike on short truck bed.

    Yeah I have the folding ramp version, actually have two. In the attached pic I have one fully deployed and the other in the folded condition. My bikes are 70 plus pounds and my truck sits up higher so these are a must.
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    Battery won't charge new bike

    Have you checked the 5Amp fuse?
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    Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack

    Here is another pic to show what I am talking about. The track mount is actually integrated into the cargo tie down. Also I am including a pic of my Black Widow folding aluminum bike ramp, makes loading and unloading easy.
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    Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack

    OK, the reason I shared this is Rockymounts engineered this track exclusively for the F-150. If you have a different vehicle this doesn't apply. The design and location of the Ford cargo tie-downs makes this the best option on the market for carrying bikes in a 5.5 bed with the tailgate closed...
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    Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack

    OK, looks like my other pic wasn't posted. This is one with the bikes loaded. Also I have a aluminum folding bike ramp for these beasts which works great. If you had to you could remove the track in a few minutes.
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    Ford F-150 Truck Bed Rack

    Hello, after much research I would like to share how I transport my Radrover fat tire E-bikes in the bed of my truck. This rack system is clean and solid for these heavy bikes. The track is made by Rockymounts and the fork mounts are Kuat Phat 9's. If you own a F-150 this will be your best...
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    Radrover Front Skewer Size

    Hey I want to order a spare front skewer for my Radrover. I know the length is 135 mm and the axle is 9mm. I am confused about the diameter of the skewer when looking at these online. Does anyone know what I need? Thanks
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    New Rover “Limited Edition”

    After watching the video I came away with a more favorable opinion of RAD. I think the green RR would look good with a gun rack.
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    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    Thanks, I appreciate it but we are talking two different things here.
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    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    Well since they don't seem to make a longer QR bolt and the threaded rod idea won't allow me to make it QR, I ordered these instead. With this setup I just use my skewer and insert through the tube. Hope it works.
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    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    This is what I am talking about. The QR bolt is 9 mm OD the same as my axle. My bike skewer fits inside a 9mm axle.
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    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    I am under the assumption those won't work being they are much thinner than I am looking for. Like the skewer on my bike which is long enough would fit inside of the one I need.
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    Quick Release Fork Mount Skewer

    Hey thanks I was thinking along that line because apparently they don't make a longer skewer bolt. Where you able to reuse the QR by drilling a hole in the rod?