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    Loss of power / sduro hardnine rc 2015 (Yamaha PW)

    Hello, seems to be a lot of expertize on this thread so I’d like to share my problem with you. I have a Haibike Sduro Trekking RC 2016. I have electrical issues probably after cleaning my bike with a garden hose. I left the bike to dry for a a few days, and the bike kind of worked when On...
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    Haibike Sduro Trekking RC 2016 - chip malfunction

    I own a Sduro Trekking RC 2016 with an installed chip. After cleaning my bike with a garden hose I fear I have got water into the frame where the cables go in. Firstly the bike could not be started at all. First I got error 12 but ruled that out by swapping the LCD display with my wife’s bike...
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    Hello from Norway

    I come from a mountain ski resort named Geilo
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    Hello from Norway

    Hello, and thanks for letting me into this community. I own two ebikes. One new Turbo Levo 2020 and one Haibike Sduro 2016. I have some Technical problems with my Haibike and hope to get support through this community. Can someone please direct me to a good thread where I can share my Haibike...