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    Class sticker?

    my Cannondale e-bike has the battery integrated into the down tube and doesn't even look like an e-bike. It has no sticker on it- why would I want to draw attention to it being an e-bike by adding a sticker? This way I can ride it on most trails. Although our state laws say e- bikes need a...
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    Need longer cord on Mahle ebikemotion x35 range extender battery

    Thanks- I saw them on another website for $649 each!! Too much money for me. I wonder if there is some type pf portable power pack to plug in the battery and strap it to the down tube.
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    Need longer cord on Mahle ebikemotion x35 range extender battery

    Where were you able to purchase the range extender in the US? I have a Cannondale Treadwell and cannot locate one. Thanks for any help
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    Lightweight, simple, versatile- help me decide between several options

    I've owned the Cannondale Treadwell Neo for almost a year now since May 2021. I use it for recreational riding, mostly flat trails with some steep hills. I rarely use it it in the highest level of assist, often no assist at all, then with first or second level. I've gotten a bit over 53 miles...
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    City commuter ebike in Canada

    I have the Treadwell non EQ bike called Treadwell Neo- Court's review of the EQ version states you cannot attach a rear rack on it. However you can on the non- equipped version. I was able to install my 25 year old Blackburn mountain rack.