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    Not asking, just making a point.

    I have had it with this Forum! The stuff that goes on here is ridiculous! If you don’t own a $2000 plus E-Bike then you automatically have a piece of junk. And that is no matter what your needs are or your money flow is. This is one of the reasons I left being a Professional Bicycle Mechanic...
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    Going to document my weight loss

    Frank, Being this is an old thread, I sure hope you are still making good progress. Getting up off the couch and doing anything is better than nothing. So GOOD for you. As I age, weight becomes more difficult. Since I turned 60, I have had more health problems than ever before. Before 60 I...
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    New to e-bikes

    There is a fellow in Ohio that did a similar test on his trails. But he lives in the plains area of Ohio so it’s pretty flat. Being that I really needed and wanted two bikes, one for me and one for the wife or one of the grandkids to go with me, that is one reason I went with the Centris, that...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    The only issue with the Erie Canal Path that I do ride as much as I can is the limestone dust that get’s everywhere! It’s a good thing to have a quick link in your chain so you can clean that stuff out every now and again. I really try to keep all my bikes cleaned and lubed properly.
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    New to e-bikes

    Let me explain myself. I the 1970’s I was a local Racer. Nothing to write home about and nothing to get me to a National level. But I was a heck of a Wrench when it came to Bicycles. I started building race rims back then and many people sought out my services. In 1974, I signed up for the...
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    New to e-bikes

    Well, the rear axle won’t be the problem with this because it is well supported with quality bearings inside the hub motor itself. Now while the hub free body for the cassette is a Shimano Tourney, it will have less stress on it due to the hub motor. I do not see this as being an issue. I’m a...
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    New to e-bikes

    It’s a 48 volt system, 5 different PAS settings, alloy rims with the front axle having machine bearings that seem to spin forever. As a Pro-Level former Bicycle Mechanic, I can see the reasons they made this bike the way they did. The more I look it over, and dig in deeper, I feel personally...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Right now I am just getting used to my 2 new e-bikes. Doing shake down runs on the new one to prep it for the wife to use. My area has a good amount of multi-use trails and I take advantage of. I also take the time that if I see a good spot for a phot, to stop and take it all in. Too much has...
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    I'm a two year old, again and i cant wait

    Welcome to the Forum! Same age similar results, but loving the two e-bikes I own, 2 as of yesterday when I pulled the new one outta the box and set it up! Good Luck!
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    Anyone get glasses at Costco?

    I have bought a few at Costco and it has saved me some money. The last time I got a new pair I had them take my old glasses, make them driving single prescription with a bronze photosensitive lenses. These really help my driving as the cut down on glare, are dark to begin with and darken more...
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    Do I need an eMTB?

    Sleepy Bob, Learn what works for you! That is the best I can tell you. I have a younger brother that lives in Utah and he sends me pictures and videos all the time of the trails he is on. About 90% of them I could do with a basic lower end e-bike like I have which is a folding 20x4 inch tire...
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    New to e-bikes

    I am very new to e-bike ownership, but I have been a Bicycle Mechanic between 1977-2008. Have seen things change and have tried to keep up with the changes in the industry, but not working IN the industry, things pass you by very quickly. I left the Bike industry in 2008 due to a number of...
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    Getting back into biking, selected the Aventon Aventure

    I am in the same situation that you are in. Deeply involved with what I want and need in a bicycle and concerned over Customer Service Issues. My other concerns are costs. I am not in the position that some here are where they feel that an E-Bike needs to be BIG BOX and over $3000 to be of...
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    Aventon speed sensor

    Note: I don’t have an E-Bike Yet but I am an accomplished Bicycle Mechanic and former USAF Senior Technician on F16’s so I know a lil about troubleshooting. You have had 2 issues so far with your E-Bike. Both of those could be related to something as simple as a loose connections. Have you...
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    Did a tire swap, and the brakes flaked out.

    Jason, Sorry you are having issues. I have seen a LITTLE effort on Aventon to be here in the forums, but they need to ACT on these and just not reply. There seems to be some simple things they can do to make a good bike a lot better, like a simple change to a more common connector for the...
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    Best size aventure for me?

    Other questions you ned to ask yourself is do I need a step OVER or step THROUGH frame. Makes a difference. The other difference would be are your legs longer or your torso? This effects frame sizing also. As Dingo suggested, if there is a dealer close by, see what they have and ask to ride...
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    Signs just put up on my home town bike path.

    That is just ridiculous! It’s typical of the recent NYC Politics. It took so long to clean up NYC and now in less than 4 years it’s gone back to hell!
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    Newb, debating ebike options for hills, trails

    Some of these saddles are tough to get onto the Seatpost for sure. On one of my saddles, the clamp was slightly wider. I made some shade tree mods to the rails with the bench vise in the shop and it worked fine for years. I'll admit though, I've been out of the Bicycle Business since 2009 and...
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    Newb, debating ebike options for hills, trails

    By what I can see, your seat post is a rail design and should accept most saddles.
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    What Are Your Tips & Tricks For Changing a Tire After it's Off the Bike?

    I’ll tell ya, I’ve changed hundreds if not thousands of tires on bikes. Both at the shops I worked for, The Mountain Bike Program I help start with the Boy Scouts, as well as my own. For the most part when putting them back on, my hands and fingers could do the job. Of course with years of...